Recap of Part 1 of the Equity & Inclusion Congress

Agenda (9/21 & 9/22):


Monday 2:10PM–2:30PM · Stage
Congress Purpose – Industry Rallying Call (Kenya Rutland)
Addressing the state of the industry and 4A’s vision to strengthen the advancement of diverse populations through intentional advocacy and collective action.

Monday 2:30PM–2:50PM · Stage
4A’s Benchmark Data Release (Simon Fenwick, Matt Kasindorf)
4A’s Matt Kasindorf and Simon Fenwick reveal results from the 4A’s Diversity Survey in an effort to set industry benchmarks for the future.

Monday 3:30PM–4:05PM · Stage
#Inclusive 100 – She Runs It (Lynn Branigan)
She Runs It President & CEO, Lynn Branigan shares results from the #Inclusive 100 initiative annual benchmarking report.

Monday 4:10PM–4:50PM · Stage
The Inclusive CMO (Michelle Peluso, Carol Watson, Deborah Wahl, Marc Pritchard)
Join the conversation with three brand marketers who walk the talk of #Inclusive100 and drive inclusive best practices and policies across their organizations.

Monday 5:00PM–5:20PM · Stage
Dismantling Racism Requires Everyone (Reonna Johnson, Barb Rozman)
In for 13 Founder, Reonna Johnson and Barb Rozman, founder of the Talent Equity Alliance discuss building more equitable cultures together.

Monday 5:40PM–5:45PM · Stage
Reporting Out & Setting Up Day 2 (Kenya Rutland)
Kenya Rutland and 4A’s reflect on EIC Day 1 takeaways and share EIC Day 2 intentions and goals.

Tuesday 2:10PM–2:50PM · Stage
The Congress Foundation (Kenya Rutland)
Overview of Congress work-streams and expectations for breakout discussions around the challenges, opportunities and initiatives.

Tuesday 2:50PM–5:15PM · Stage
Workstreams – Identifying Challenges & Barriers
Attendees will break out into 5 groups to work on the manifesto.