Recap of Part 2 of the Equity & Inclusion Congress

Agenda (10/5 & 10/6):


Monday 2:00PM–2:05PM · Stage
Welcome – Part 2 Day 1 – Setting Our New Path

Monday 2:05PM–2:45PM · Stage
How business Success Drives Diversity
The panel will discuss how transparency is imperative to drive accountability across contractual agreements with clients, suppliers, and employees.

Monday 2:45PM–2:50PM · Stage
Alignment & Calibration

Monday 2:55PM–5:30PM · Stage
Attendees will break out into 4 groups to work on the manifesto.

Monday 5:30PM–6:00PM · Stage
Workstream Report/Close
Attendees will return from their break out groups and provide summaries of their work as a group.

Tuesday 2:00PM–2:05PM · Stage
Congress Address