Return-to-Office Guidance for 4A’s Members

Whether your team is planning to return to the office in a few weeks or not for months to come, the questions and situations agency leaders need to address are considerable.

The 4A’s has compiled comprehensive guidance, resources, and templates to assist as you navigate the return to your workplace.

Return to Office Plans

The migration back to places of work will look different for every organization, but the principles outlined in this guide are applicable to nearly every agency. 

New Next Normal Paper
Download New-Next-Normal: Return-to-Office Guidance for 4A’s Members

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As you consider your agency’s plan for the Return to Office, this deck outlining the 4A’s plan may be helpful in organizing an approach.

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Read Omnicom’s Return to Office plans and staff communication

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The 4A’s Coronavirus: Return to Office information exchange collected information from 4A’s members that addressed various aspects of returning to the office during this era of Covid-19. One hundred and seventeen agencies responded to this 4A’s member information exchange.

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Return to Office: Guidance on Risks/Preparedness Planning

Bringing your people back to the office brings with it a host of complicated and thorny policy, procedure and compliance issues. This webinar will help you navigate through it all to ensure you, your team and your agency is well protected.

View the 4A’s Business as Unusual Webinar: What do agencies need to think about before reopening?

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View the 4As COVID-19 RTO Virtual Conference – How to Build Your Action Plan for Return to Office

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View the 4A’s Business as Unusual Webinar: Work 2.0: Managing Culture and Talent in a Post–COVID-19 World

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State Employment and Tax Requirements Relating to Remote Employees

Remote working opens up new hiring opportunities but can create some new challenges as well. This webinar covers aspects of employment law, including the rights of remote workers, and tax considerations, including sales, payroll, and corporate business taxes relating to the two classes of remote workers, full-time employees, and independent contractors.


View the State Employment Laws and Tax Requirements relating to Remote Workers (Full-Time Employees and Independent Contractors)

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Personal Protection Equipment – Member Discounts

As a 4A’s member you are eligible for discounts on essential personal protective equipment for your agency:


20% off production cost of any reopening/safety materials
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Workforce PPE
Save 5% and receive free shipping on personal protective equipment
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USA Masks Direct
Offering 4A’s members 15-25% off face regular and custom masks
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Templates, Examples and other Resources

Don’t see what you’re looking for? Shoot us an email and we’ll be happy to help: [email protected]

Check back regularly for updates, new guidance materials, and examples.


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