Survey Results | Ending the Agency Talent Rotisserie

Deutsch LA recently teamed with the 4A’s on a study that examines the brand health of the ad industry and why people stay or leave. The results of the survey were released at the Cannes Lions International Festival of Creativity today in a segment entitled “Ending the Agency Talent Rotisserie.”

How can advertising agencies find and keep great people when business culture is changing more rapidly than ever?

According to “Ending the Agency Talent Rotisserie,” a new report created by advertising agency Deutsch LA with the 4A’s, agencies need to find more ways for employees to scratch their entrepreneurial itch.

A 4A’s study last year found that one-third of agency professionals plan to leave their agency each year, taking their talent, brand knowledge, and client relationships with them. That’s the agency talent rotisserie, and it hurts all agencies.

Deutsch LA wanted to take a deeper look at why people felt the urge to leave. In conjunction with the 4A’s, it interviewed 1,500 advertising professionals in an advertising brand health check.

View Survey Results: Ending the Agency Talent Rotisserie.