The 4A’s 2019 Year in Review

Look back at 2019…and look ahead at 2020


Dear 4A’s Members,

In the Quantum Age of Marketing, the 4A’s continues to vocally champion and vehemently support the value you bring and the growth you create on behalf of clients.

Your continual drive to push the industry forward helps brands build meaningful connections with consumers and increases business value through the exponential power of your creativity.

On behalf of the 4A’s, I want to thank you for your membership.

Please check out the 2019 Year in Review for highlights and areas of impact from this past year as well as inspiration and areas of focus for the year ahead.

As always, we stand proudly with you, helping you navigate a rapidly changing environment and championing the value you generate for your partners every day.


Marla Kaplowitz
4A’s, President & CEO

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