The 4A’s and Critical Mass release Gaming and the Future of Experience Design, a report on game design’s parallels to CX strategy

Every game has a goal. Every game has rules. And every game has a feedback system.

Remind you of anything? Those three qualities are also common to customer experience.

They explain why a live-streamed eSports event in 2019 drew more viewers than the Super Bowl.

And they forecast why your organization’s next marketing hires may be creative and strategic professionals with game design experience.

Gaming and the Future of Experience Design, a new report from the 4A’s and Critical Mass, outlines how gaming, the world’s largest and fastest-growing entertainment industry, is set to change the face of advertising and marketing. 

The report outlines:

  • how the technologies that power gaming are changing the face of consumer engagement, advertising channels, and video production.
  • the key gaming trends that will change advertising and marketing.
  • how to apply game design theories and practices to advertising and marketing.
  • how the technologies powering the gaming industry are transforming the rest of the world faster than most of us realize.

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