The 4A’s Future of Programmatic and Automation Think Tank Virtual Event

The 4A’s Future of Programmatic and Automation Think Tank webinar is now available on-demand.
The session provides a closer look and deeper discussion around two critical issues facing the industry today: Workflow Automation and Identity Management.



Moving to Simplicity and High Value: A Call to Action for Workflow Automation and People Augmentation

Workflow automation and people augmentation touch every step in the journey of a campaign from planning, activation, analyses, reporting through to billing and reconciliation. Our expert panel will discuss open operability, talent optimization and automated workflow processes.  Hear about eliminating publisher and platform silos as well as silos created by tools to facilitate agency-client work and connection points. For a better today and an optimal future, it is vital that we remove obstacles to greater productivity, innovative thinking, and the best possible advertising and marketing outcomes.




Yvonne Abt, Sony Yvonne Abt, VP Media & Data Strategy, Sony
Doug Chavez, Geometry Doug Chavez, EVP Digital Commerce & Media – North America, Geometry
Mike Margolin, RPA Mike Margolin, Chief Digital Officer, RPA


Identity Management: Challenges and Solutions in a Post-Cookie World

As the “cookiepocalypse” looms closer on the horizon, advertisers, agencies and publishers must adapt in anticipation. Those who respond rapidly to construct flexible and robust data strategies will be in the driver’s seat, while those who do not will be playing catch-up. In this session we’ll discuss the challenges and opportunities surrounding identity management and resolution, as well as what marketers can do to position themselves for the “new normal” in 2021 and beyond.




Grace Yeung Grace Yeung, Group Director, Performance Media Analytics, Horizon Media
Tom Swierczewski, Programmatic Media Director, Cramer‑Krasselt
Claire Russell, Head of Media, Fitzco


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