Results of 4A’s 2011 Television Production Cost Survey

Executive Summary and Cost Findings for National 30-Second TV Spots

The Executive Summary of the 4A’s 2011 Television Production Cost Survey (TVPCS) represents the results of the 25th year of a continuing project. Ten 4A’s member agencies and branch offices participated in the 2011 survey by submitting data on 306 national 30-second commercials. This continual gathering of information enables the industry to make year-to-year comparisons in many categories and combinations.

The survey reveals that in 2011, the average national 30-second spot cost $354,000, 9% greater than 2010.

The full Survey Report also includes a Cost Comparison Survey chart for the 10-year period 2002 through 2011.

The 4A’s thanks the agencies that gathered and submitted their commercial production data for this survey and to the 4A’s Broadcast Production Committee and the Association of National Advertisers for their support.View complete executive summary of Results of 4A’s 2011 Television Production Cost Survey.

Participating agencies will receive a complimentary copy of the complete report.

For further information regarding the survey, please contact Helen Miranda, [email protected].

To Order Copies of the Report
Copies of the complete report in PDF format cost $50 each for members, and $150 per copy for non-members, and are available in the 4A’s Bookstore.

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