Webinar: How to Negotiate with Procurement


Webinar: How to Negotiate with Procurement
Mar 24, 2021 03:00 PM
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Join Tom Kinnaird, Founder and Managing Director of Kinnaird Negotiation (and former Chief Procurement Officer at WPP) for a webinar aimed to help you and your teams navigate complex and challenging negotiations. 

While at WPP, Tom co-founded the Accord initiative, designed to uplift the negotiation, commercial and pricing skills of leadership teams and individuals across WPP’s highly complex world of multiple marketing communications agencies.

Now running his own negotiation training and coaching business, Tom works internationally to assist leaders with negotiation skills development, as well as coaching individuals and teams through complex and challenging negotiations.

In this talk, you’ll learn:


  • How to better understand client procurement 
  • Promote game-changing moves in negotiation
  • Conflict resolution (internal and external)
  • Negotiation dynamics in competitive pitching
  • Innovative ways of teaching negotiation
  • How to embed negotiation learning and behaviors into organizations
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