4A’s Business as Unusual -The Tipping Point for CTV: How Samsung and Publicis are Capturing the CTV Opportunity

Air date: June 8, 2021

As cord-cutting and streaming rapidly accelerate, CTV is a top priority for advertisers in 2021. Marketers can now reach more households via streaming than via traditional, linear TV services, and can apply data to their massive TV ad campaigns for the first time. Join Daniela Mercado, Senior Director, Head of Mobile Marketing at Samsung Electronics America and Karyn Johnson, Chief Investment Officer, Samsung at Publicis Media in conversation with Carl Celiny, Director, Business Development at The Trade Desk as they discuss the shifting television landscape and tactical tips for agencies and advertisers looking to reach their audiences in a brand-safe, agile, and measurable way on Connected TV.


Daniela MercadoDaniela Mercado
Senior Director, Head of Mobile Marketing, Samsung Electronics America
Karyn JohnsonKaryn Johnson
Chief Investment Officer, Samsung, Publicis Media
Carl Celiny
Director Business Development at The Trade Desk


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