August 2020 Updates to Facebook Terms and Conditions

Changes to Facebook Terms   As you may be aware, Facebook has announced updates to its business terms, effective August 31st.  In order to prepare you for this change, we have highlighted below the material changes to the Terms , along with an explanation as to why those changes were made.  Please see below, and […]

Preparing for a Cookieless Future: Third party Cookies Deprecating from Google Chrome in the Next Two Years |

Original POV doc from Fitzco   June 26, 2020 Update Overview: Google announced earlier this year it will be eliminating third party cookie tracking from its Chrome browser by 2022. This removal has since expanded to device and user IDs as well. This development among others have been accelerated by GDPR and CCPA, which address […]

Privacy for America: Principles For Privacy Legislation Dec 2019

Read the full Privacy for America breakdown here: Principles For Privacy Legislation Dec 2019 Introduction Privacy for America has developed a new framework for nationwide privacy legislation that would fundamentally change the way personal data is protected and secured in this country. This framework is intended to provide a new option to policy makers for […]

International Center for Law & Economics Comments on CCPA

Opening excerpt from International Center for Law & Economics Comments on CCPA Executive Summary We thank the Attorney General’s Office (“AG’s Office”) for the opportunity to comment on this tin1ely and highly relevant policy discussion. We begin our analysis of the California Consumer Privacy Act (“CCPA”) with a discussion of the standardized regulatory impact assessment […]

TV Advertising in Canada |

Mintel explores TV advertising conditions in Canada with information on popular TV ad formats, commercial avoidance, video ads by platform, and the appeal of movie and TV show ads.

Perceptions of Ad Personalization: Sentiments Toward Targeted Advertising surveys people’s awareness of ad personalization, which platforms they see it the most, and when they think those ads cross the privacy line.

CCPA: What Agencies Need to Know (May 2019)

Read the full guidance: CCPA: What Agencies Need to Know    On January 1, 2020, a sweeping new data privacy law will go into effect in the United States. The law, known as the California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA), is the first of its kind in the country. The CCPA grants California consumers new rights […]

Letter to CA Privacy and Consumer Protection Committee Chairman Ed Chau

Letter to CA Privacy and Consumer Protection Committee Chairman Ed Chau   Chairman Ed Chau Privacy and Consumer Protection Committee Room 156A, Legislative Office Building 1020 N Street Sacramento, CA 95814   Re: AB 1760   Dear Chairman Chau:   The undersigned trade associations, whose members support more than 2 million jobs in California and […]

Taking a Pulse on Advertising

kNOW Instant Insights from Critical Mix surveyed consumers about their attitudes towards advertising, exclusively for the 4A’s.

Trends in Marketing Communications Law

Attorneys from Davis & Gilbert’s Advertising, Marketing & Promotions Practice Group share practical and helpful insights to guide businesses and agencies as they navigate new trends and developments. 

Letter to Creative Agencies Regarding Compliance With the Coalition for Better Ads Standards |

The world of digital advertising has seen much change in the last few years – there are a multitude of technology platforms, advances in brand safety and verification – and a lot of work to optimize message delivery across the digital landscape. However, with all these changes, come two very important issues: Adblocking and Ad Loads.