How to Brief Work-From-Home Teams

Brought to you by Jack Skeels of Agency Agile


POD icon OverviewJack Skeels, CEO and Founder of AgencyAgile will share key insights about how to generate team alignment and shared understanding when briefing diverse (and now dislocated) teams.

Getting teams aligned just got harder (not that it was not hard enough already)! Traditional modes of communicating information to teams fail: meetings, documents, and listening to people talk, all don’t engage creative thinking; and if delivered poorly, actually disempower people you intend to inspire. Jack will share research-based insights and new approaches that actually drive team engagement and ownership.


POD icon time 64px     60 Mins

POD icon audience 64px Designed primarily for core managerial roles, such as project and client service managers, it is also useful for leaders throughout the organization, and the techniques can be used to align and coordinate managerial and leadership teams also struggling with dislocation.

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About The Trainer

Jack Skeels is a former RAND senior analyst, and currently, CEO of AgencyAgile, an Agile transformation and coaching firm that helps agencies, marketers, and other complex service organizations go better, faster and happier. His career included leading Sapient’s 105-person Los Angeles office, founding, and executive roles in multiple startups. He is a coach to executives, a thought-leader and evangelist to industry, and wakes every day driven to create a revolution in leadership and management practices, optimal organization design, and delivery excellence.