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A Transformational Coaching Program for Agency Leaders

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Agencies must raise women into leadership roles in order to thrive. But a common challenge to that progression is motherhood. [email protected] is a live virtual leadership development program designed for mothers at any stage in their professional careers


POD icon OverviewThis 16-week leadership development program coaches mothers to thrive in the agency environment, supporting them as they contribute and motivating them to stay with the agency and rise. Mothers will finish the program with greater confidence, enhanced productivity, stronger relationships, and improved work/life balance. This investment in your future leaders will strengthen your agency’s family.


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POD icon time 64px   16 Weeks (8 Workshops) participants will meet on a bi-weekly basis for 60 min

POD icon audience 64px    It is built for agency mothers across all agency disciplines and levels

POD icon format online 64px      Virtual workshop

POD icon pre post 64px       Pre Work: There will be an assignment in between every session

POD icon cost 64px      $1,800 Members, $2,250 Non-members


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About The Coaches

Beryl Greenberg is a certified executive coach in private practice who is passionate about helping advertising professionals find the life they love and a career that supports it. Beryl started her career as an advertising agency professional and transitioned into executive search before becoming a coach. As Beryl is a mother to 3 teenage boys, she is passionate about supporting mothers in the workplace.


Kerry Griffin is known in the agency community as an innovative talent developer with an infectious passion to grow team talent and engagement. Kerry began her agency career in client services before shifting focus to attracting and developing talent for teams across agencies. Now Kerry leads the talent team as Chief Talent Officer at MERGE. As she has 4 kids, Kerry understands the daily challenges parents face in the workforce.