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Program Overview

The Workplace Enlightenment Certification program is designed to move your agency toward the highest standards of equity and inclusion. It impacts all levels of your organization— from the C-Suite to entry-level— and helps you address a range of needs from building a diverse talent pipeline to ensuring equitable practices across the agency.

The program is centered around a 5-session workshop for agency executives, with additional training and resources for managers and individual contributors.

The program focuses on inclusion across the following six areas:

Participants will learn:

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Note: The full Workplace Enlightenment program is now available virtually, and directly addresses inclusion in the virtual workplace.


Rigorous Sessions Tailored to Your Agency

We begin any partnership with an introductory call in which we discuss your agency’s needs and any other other recent or upcoming D&I initiatives. To learn more about the program or schedule an introductory call, please request information using the link below:


Sample Activity

One aspect of the program involves recognizing your own biases and perspectives and how they influence your decisions. Here’s an example of the kind of thinking we ask of participants in the first part of the program:

This activity focuses on race and is designed an “eye-opener” and conversation-starter: