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Energizer Bunny: The Campaign That Keeps “…going and going and going…”

He’s the coolest, pinkest, most energetically obnoxious toy bunny the world has ever seen. In 1989, the Energizer battery brand’s long-standing agency TBWA\Chiat\Day rolled out the Energizer Bunny … and he hasn’t stopped rolling since.

Clad in sandals, shades and magenta fur, the fuzzy mascot would roll through ads, equipped with his bass drum and (apparently) enough power to last well over 25 years. By far the most subtly brilliant aspect of the campaign has been its evolving tagline, “Keep going and going …” For every appearance of the Energizer Bunny, the truer the line becomes.

In 1999, a decade after his launch, Ad Age would name the Energizer Bunny one of the top brand icons of the century.

The ultimate symbol of longevity, perseverance and determination.

-Ad Age, 1999

In 2016, Camp+King took over Energizer’s business, giving the Bunny a fresh look to keep up with the times. And with a new image came a changed tagline: “Still going.” A bold statement that told their competitors, and the entire world, that this brand longevity takes more than just a lucky rabbit’s foot; it requires a quality product that any self-respecting bunny can stand behind.