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Federal Express Takes on Fast Talkers

Ally & Gargano created the “Fast Talker Campaign” for Federal Express in 1981. It featured John Moschitta’s rapid fire, non-stop speaking about the fast-paced business world. The idea? That FedEx is a company that can keep up. Its tagline “When It Absolutely Positively Has to Be There Overnight” became American vernacular.

If there’s fast talking involved, then they want to see me. But if there isn’t, then it’s kind of ‘ah, no, he’s the Fast Talker.’

– John Moschitta, The Fast Talker

The ad is still considered one of the greatest comedy spots of all time. “l’ve managed to have a career for almost 40 years now and it’s been terrific. I’ve done hundreds and hundreds of commercials,” explains The Fast Talker himself, John Moschitta in an interview with the 4A’s. “l’ve been on over 1,000 talk shows. […] It’s a little hard for me to get regular acting work because everyone just associates me as the Fast Talker.”