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McDonald’s ‘Two All Beef Patties …’ Says a Mouthful

The 1970s ushered in a new era in the long line of popular jingles delivered by the ubiquitous fast food chain McDonald’s. 1974 marked their first try at getting into the rap game with the Big Mac track “Two All Beef Patties, Special Sauce, Lettuce, Cheese, Pickles, Onions on a Sesame Seed Bun.” Originally, the ingredients appeared as a one-word heading for a McDonald’s ad developed for college newspapers, but were eventually set to music created by Mark Vieha (who performed the original jingle). In cynical post-Watergate America, it gave young fast food lovers something to get excited about. The commercial showcases what a mouthful the slogan was for regular folks trying it out, and we’d bet it’s still not quite as easy to say today without cheating.

The jingle was created by Keith Reinhard, Chairman Emeritus of DDB Worldwide, and his creative group at Needham Harper and Steers.