Ignited forms cause-based marketing company, Threads4Good

El Segundo, CA – Ignited has partnered with Embroidery & Screen Works, Inc. to form a cause-based marketing company — Threads4Good. Ignited realized the need for creative fundraising for small businesses, communities and nonprofits during uncertain times, so we combined our talents and expertise.


Threads4Good provides the branded apparel and online platform to help small businesses and organizations make money by selling custom t-shirts. With NO risk and ALL gain, we feel this opportunity will have a positive impact on small businesses and our communities!


Threads4Good’s first fundraising initiative, COVID-19 Small Business Program, just launched and is aimed at supporting small businesses struggling due to COVID-19. Small businesses sign up for the program at join.threads4good.com


The COVID-19 Nonprofit Support Program is launching next. Stay tuned for more from Threads4Good.




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