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Oxford Communications Wins 25 New Jersey State Marketing Awards

4A's Member

Oxford Communications recently earned twenty-five state advertising and marketing awards, including the prestigious “Best in Show” honor from the New Jersey Communications, Advertising and Marketing Association (NJCAMA.)

2017 Labor Billing Rate Survey Report – Order Form

The 4A’s has released updated hourly labor billing rate information, revealing that 2016 labor billing rates in the advertising industry in are generally higher than those in 2014. The findings of this report include industry-wide guidance on market based labor rates. Download the order form here.

2017 Back-to-School Survey: Testing a New Curriculum

Research Services

Deloitte examines intended budgets for the back-to-school and college season, top products, spending breakdown by category, preferred shopping channels, and more.

“Do More Crazy Stuff When You’re Young” — Featuring John Barker, BARKER

4A's Member

The bold just find ways to carve out a lane for themselves; this is something BARKER founder and chief idea officer John Barker can attest to.

America’s Favorite Home Improvement and Home Furnishings Retailers

Research Services

Top home improvement and home furnishings retailers, as well as the best loyalty programs, store credit cards, and mobile apps, are highlighted in this Market Force consumer survey.

Creative Monitoring Services

Research Services

Check out this list of creative monitoring services compiled by Research Services.

Homebuyer Insights Report

Research Services

Bank of America explores attitudes, behaviors, and preferences of the modern homebuyer.

“Make Room for Creativity” — Featuring Alix Montes, Wunderman

4A's Member

Working on the account side is a major balancing act, but Wunderman senior account executive Alix Montes keeps an endless sense of chill.

Selling Products by Selling Brand Purpose

Chung-Kue (Jennifer) Hsu reviews the concept and practice of brand purpose and gives examples of brands and campaigns succeeding in purpose-driven marketing.