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Modern Marketing: Pharma’s Data-Powered AI Revolution

4A's Member

Learn how you can benefit from artificial intelligence (AI), explore what AI is, how it works, and why it’s become essential to your job role in this report from Intouch Solutions and the Digital Health Coalition. 

Media 2020 and Beyond: Key Findings

MediaSense surveyed senior marketers and interviewed industry leaders around the globe to learn how they are preparing for the future media ecosystem.

4A’s Releases Exclusive “Agency Technology Infrastructure and Investment” Paper

The 4A’s has released the Agency Technology Infrastructure and Investment white paper, exclusive to 4A’s member agencies, to guide agencies on industry trends in technology and offer guidance toward informed infrastructure planning and design.

Evolution of the Advertising Agency Business

Statista created this Giant Chart exclusively for the 4A’s to illustrate changes in the ad agency industry, including agency revenue, growth in employment, and share of ad expenditure by medium.

Cannes Pharma Lions Winners 2019

Research Services

Check out the winners and shortlists of the Cannes Pharma Lions awards.

Hispanic Market Overview

Research Services

Adam R. Jacobson and HispanicAd provide a concise snapshot of the state of Hispanic advertising agencies, focusing on what’s exciting, challenging, and motivating Hispanic ad agency leaders today.

Global Media Buyers

Research Services

These media buyers offer ad placement services in foreign markets.

What Agencies Need to Know about the California Consumer Privacy Act

The 4A’s has published guidance for agencies preparing for the California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA), which takes effect January 1, 2020, and may require extensive reviews of internal policies, practices, and compliance rules.

Agency Content Marketing 2019 | Benchmarks, Budgets, and Trends

Research Services

Content Marketing Institute (CMI) and MarketingProfs release their first report examining how ad agencies use content marketing to promote their services. 

Foreign Advertising Agency Associations

Research Services

Learn about foreign ad agency associations and see a list of their members.

Hispanic Market Guide

Research Services

The Culture Marketing Council provides demographic profiles and media habits of Hispanic consumers, as well as a list of top advertising, marketing, and media companies specializing in the Hispanic market.

Healthcare Communication Agencies

Research Services

Med Ad News profiles advertising agencies with a significant or growing portion of their business in the U.S. healthcare field.

Manny Awards

Research Services

Med Ad News announces the winners of the 2019 Manny Awards, celebrating the best in the healthcare communications industry.

BenchPress Agency Survey 2019

Research Services

The Wow Company has released the 2019 agency benchmark report resulting from its annual survey of independent agency owners in the UK. Topics include growth rates, confidence levels, amount of time owners spend working, cash flow/invoicing/collecting payments, new business, and networking tips.

State of the Industry Report 2019

Research Services

Prospect and PublicAffairsAsia share the findings from their annual survey of practitioners in the communications and corporate affairs industry in Asia Pacific.

Agency Operating Practices

Research Services

SoDA and Deltek partnered to highlight industry trends and best practices for agency operations, including challenges, modifications, successes, and tools agency’s use. 

Insights from 4A’s Research | Where the Agency Jobs Are

Marsha Appel, SVP, 4A’s Research uses her expertise in government data to examine the most current employment data for advertising, marketing, and public relations firms to rank the top cities for agency employment. Reasons behind changes in rankings, impact of the recession, and a look towards the future of agency employment are included in this article

The 2019 No B.S. Buyers Guide for Marketing Analytics

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This guide from Alight Analytics will help you identify the right marketing analytics software for your agency.

Marketing Trends Report

Research Services

Agency Spotter’s annual report highlights agency search trends.

2019 Creative Report Card

Research Services

Strategy tracks and tallies the awards won by agencies, advertisers and creatives in Canada, and identifies the winners in this report. Rankings are provided for agencies, brands, creative directors, art directors, copywriters, planners, and designers.

Creative Monitoring Services

Research Services

Check out this list of creative monitoring services compiled by 4A’s Research.

International Creative Consultants

Research Services

The following creative consultants offer services in the implementation of international advertising, such as adaptation and co-development of creative work for foreign markets.

Independent International Advertising, Direct Marketing, Media Buying, and Public Relations Networks

Research Services

One way to gain international capabilities is to consider joining a network of independent agencies.

Media Agency Management: Where Are We Headed?

Research Services

In this article, the World Federation of Advertisers shares highlights from its report on global media agency models and remuneration trends.

Industry SAG-AFTRA Talent Union Negotiations Update

Management Services

The negotiation of satisfactory terms for a new Collective Bargaining Agreement (CBA) to replace the CBA that expires on March 31, 2019 is an important undertaking for both agencies and advertisers.

New Year Outlook | 2019 Survey Report

RSW/US explores the biggest challenges facing ad agencies from the perspectives of both marketers and ad agencies.

Tech Trends 2019

Research Services

Deloitte analyzes and guides CIOs through eight trends that could disrupt business over the next year.

Mind the Data Gap | 2019 Data-Driven Marketing & Advertising Outlook

Research Services

Dun & Bradstreet surveyed B2B marketers and their agencies around the world to better understand how B2B brands approach data-driven marketing.

Outlook for Agency Holding Companies

Research Services

Brian Wieser of Pivotal Research Group provides perspective on the outlook for agency holding companies.

Insights from 4A’s Research | Direct-to-Consumer: A Revolutionary New Concept?

Research Services

Learn how DTC brands are changing the ad agency model in this insights piece from Marsha Appel, SVP, 4A’s Research.

Language Translation Services

Research Services

Here’s a list of language services to help you translate your ads and adapt them to a foreign market.

The CMO Lifecycle | Tenure Analysis and New Business Opportunities

Research Services

Winmo reports CMO tenure trends and what it means for ad agencies in this exclusive access for 4A’s members.

WARC’s Toolkit 2019

WARC highlights key marketing trends for 2019.

Media Predictions 2019

Kantar discusses media and digital predictions for 2019.

Marketing Wisdom from Around the World to Inspire You in 2019

Third Party Content

Think with Google compiles ten marketing ideas to help you get inspired as we enter the new year.

Insights from 4A’s Research | AI: Your Next Creative Partner

Research Services

Stacie Calabrese, Manager, 4A’s Research, outlines how agencies use AI to enhance output and make innovative campaigns.

Project-by-Project Do’s & Don’ts | Agency Best Practice Guidance

The industry is seeing more clients evolving Project-by-Project (PxP) arrangements with agencies. PxP relationships between clients and agencies create both opportunities and challenges for both marketers and marketing services firms. Members of the 4A’s community have been endeavoring to figure out best practices for dealing with the shift by some clients from annual retainer relationships with their agencies to PxP relationships.

The SoDA Report | Global Digital Outlook

Research Services

SoDA and Forrester feature research digital trends to watch, growth in digital marketing budgets, agency landscape trends, and client-agency relations.

Voice Playbook | The Definitive Marketer’s Guide to Voice

360i created this go-to manual for understanding the complex voice ecosystem and shares what they learned exploring and executing voice.

Agency New Business Thought Leader Survey Report

Read agency executives’ thoughts on new business practices from pitches to new business staffing structures in this RSW/US report.

The 2019 Shipping Forecast: Leadership Insights from the New World Talent Survey

Research Services

The Lighthouse Company shares insights from its annual survey of more than 600 C-Suite executives from around the globe.

2018 Employee Compensation Study Completed

The 2018 Employee Compensation final report, showing salaries as of May 2018, has just been published. The study includes salary data from agencies of all sizes, reflecting the responses of 333 member agency offices providing data on over 30,000 salaries for 233 job titles in 19 job categories.

4A’s Research Insights | Identity Marketing

Research Services

Marsha Appel, SVP, 4A’s Research Services, explores identity marketing and the implications for ad agencies.

Bringing Working Culture into the 21st Century

Third Party Content

CreativeBrief explores the state of agency working culture today.

4A’s Management Practitioners Forum Sessions: Ad Age 2018 Small Agency Conference

The following presentations took place at the Ad Age 2018 Small Agency Conference, July 17th and 18th, in Marina Del Rey, Calif.  

Insights from 4A’s Research | Internet Trends 2018

Research Services

Marsha Appel, SVP Research Services, highlights points from Mary Meeker’s Internet Trends report agencies need to know to succeed.

A Change in Pitch

Third Party Content

Creativebrief surveyed agency CEOs and CMOs to gauge their thoughts on the traditional pitch. The results are surprising!

5 Ways You Can Use Surveys to Make Smarter Business Decisions

Third Party Content

Think with Google highlights five ways agencies and marketers can use surveys to inform their next business decisions.

Why Diversity of Talent is a Matter of Life and Death for Creative Agencies. And What to Do About It

Third Party Content

Susan Credle, Global Chief Creative Officer, FCB, shares what she’s doing to fill the diversity void in creative agencies in this Think with Google article. 

Organizing Your Agency for Social: Social Media Team Frameworks, Staffing & Future-Proofing

Available to non-members for a limited time. The 4As’ social media committee has written a comprehensive white paper to help agencies organize a social media practice for sustainability and success for their clients and business.

The State of Gender Equality in the Media and Marketing Industry in Asia Pacific

Research Services

Campaign Asia-Pacific and Kantar share results of their investigation into gender equality and sexual harassment in the media and marketing industry across the Asia-Pacific region.

18 Project Management Tools for Agencies in 2018

Research Services

Hubspot lists ten questions agencies should ask before investing in a project management tool and gives 18 project management systems to consider.

Study Reveals That Creative Asset Workflow Lags Years Behind Innovations in Media Buying and Negatively Impacts Advertisers, Agencies and Publishers

Third Party Content

This comprehensive report from Extreme Reach, based on research commissioned with Advertiser Perceptions™, illuminates just how cumbersome and inefficient it is for ad ops teams to find and prepare creative assets for video campaigns.

Marketing Agency Growth Report

Research Services

Agencies around the world share their growth challenges in this report from Hubspot.

What Marketers Want: Five Strategic Opportunities for 2018

Research Services

Rakuten Marketing reveals five global marketing opportunities and fears for 2018.

Defining Moments in Agency History | Decade of Agency Mergers, the Foreign Invasion, and the Rise of Holding Companies

Discover why the 1980s saw a transformation of the agency landscape in a dizzying frenzy of mergers.

What Agencies Should Know About the GDPR

Research Services

The European Association of Communications Agencies provides a list of procedures that ad agencies can follow to become compliant and to minimize risks with GDPR.

Women Hold Up Half the Sky: How China is Building a Gender Equal Ad Industry

Research Services

In this article from The Drum, learn about the gender balance in Chinese advertising and media agencies, how women have progressed in both their professional and personal lives, and what led to advancement of women in the marketing and advertising industries.

2018 Advertiser/Agency Predictions

What should advertisers and their agencies expect from each other in 2018? Bruno Gralpois of Agency Mania Solutions explores major trends.      

How Local Ad Agencies See the New Marketing Landscape

Learn how local ad agencies are responding to clients’ desires to shift to cheaper, more targeted forms of digital media in this survey from leading local-ad research firm Borrell Associates Inc.

Agency Statistics

Statistics on agency employment patterns, number of ad agencies in the U.S. , top cities by number of agencies and employees, and more.

Marketing 2027

Research Services

Mediamath predicts how programmatic marketing will evolve over the next ten years.

Video Seminar: Pricing as a Discipline and Proposal Writing for Marketing Services

This presentation was delivered to the 4A’s Large Agency & Media Finance Committees on October 26, 2017 by Rick Brook, SVP, Global Client Operations at WPP. 

EU General Data Protection Regulation Bulletin (GDPR)

New guidance has been announced on EU General Data Protection Regulation or GDPR for those agencies engaged, or planning to engage, in serving the EU market. This new regulation, which goes into effect on May 25, 2018, will alter the rules and restrictions related to collecting and processing personal data for agencies, both on behalf of clients, and for your own purposes.

Kenya’s Thriving Advertising Industry

Research Services

This article from Bizcommunity shows the growth of the ad industry in Kenya. It includes Internet advertising statistics, media consumption, need for agency talent, ad strategies, and details of a very successful Tinder campaign.

Agency Metrics that Matter

Research Services

SoDA conducted a survey to explore business performance measurement within agencies, production companies and design studios. Topics such as employee turnover rates, budget tracking, promoting and maintaining healthy levels of team and client satisfaction, benchmarking data, and much more are explored. View the summary findings and benchmarking data.

4A’s Analysis of Agency Costs Survey Report

The 83rd Analysis of Agency Costs Survey Report, showing operating cost and income figures of member agencies for 2016 agency data, is now available. Download the order form here.

The State of Advertising Measurement

Research Services

Read this report from Advertiser Perceptions to learn what advertising decision makers think about data, measurement, and research tools.

Agency of the Future: Next-Generation Operating Models for Marketing Agencies

Research Services

PwC’s Strategy& reports on the need for agency holding companies to rethink their organizational structures and finding the right operating model that works best for them.

R/GA on Disrupting Your Own Agency Business Model

Research Services

Bob Greenberg and a panel of R/GA senior executives provide the key components of the disrupter’s playbook in this video from Cannes.

Seven Ways to Create New Revenue Streams

Research Services

Tim Williams of Ignition Consulting Group provides sound advice on ways to create new revenue streams for your agency.

Defining Moments in Agency History | The Worst Agency Receptionist Job EVER

Research Services

Become the most interesting person at your next agency happy hour by reading this short history of agency names from Marsha Appel, SVP Research Services.

Webinar: 2017 Labor Billing Rate Survey Report (LBRSR) Guidance Discussion

On July 27th, 4A’s held an agency-only webinar to help survey participants and 4A’s members understand the important information contained in the 2017 Labor Billing Rate Survey Report (LBRSR).

Defining Moments in Agency History | Agencies Join the Ticker Tape Parade

Research Services

Learn about the big decade of agency IPOs in this piece from Marsha Appel, SVP Research Services.

Defining Moments in Agency History | Birth of the RFP

Research Services

Learn the history behind the RFP in this piece written by Marsha Appel, SVP Research Services.

Defining Moments in Agency History | Evolution of Media Unbundling

4A’s Research is launching a new series focusing on defining moments in agency history. This introductory piece highlights the factors that gave rise to the media agencies of today.

Webinar: New Business Committee Q2 2017 – The State of Agency Business Development

In this recorded webinar Randy Cohen, President & COO of Advertiser Perceptions discusses findings from the recently released report “The State of Agency Business Development.”

Webinar: New Business Committee Q1 2017 Meeting on Agency Search Portal

Search Consultant (and former New Business Committee member) Melissa Lea of R3 Worldwide shares her perspectives on agency search dynamics — including trends related to client objectives and requirements, client goals for agency searches, and search consultant observations that she wished she knew as an agency new business executive.

Ad Measuring Services

Research Services

4A’s Research Services offers members the following informational directory listing of Ad Measuring Services.

National and International Clipping Services

Research Services

4A’s Research Services provides a list of national and international clipping services.

Central New Business Committee Meeting with Search Consultant Dave Beals

This presentation and audio recording​​ from Dave Beals​ discusses Agency Search dynamics, and was part of the inaugural meeting of the 4A’s Central Region’s New Business Committee.

Confidential Study of Compensation in Member Agencies Now Available

This confidential study compares the overall compensation of the highest-paid individuals in 94 4A’s member agencies with annual gross income up to $75 million.

The Talent Benefit of Specialization

4A's Member

How has narrowing the agency’s focus helped with staff acquisition and retention?

DOL Overtime Pay Rules Implementation-Your Agency May Now Have Options

Management Services

A federal judge in Texas has issued a temporary injunction blocking the U.S. Department of Labor (DOL) from implementing new overtime pay rules that have been scheduled for December 1, 2016 implementation.

Global Online Media Leaders Join Forces to Improve Consumer Ad Experience

Marketing & Communications

Coalition for Better Ads Will Use Research, Advocacy to Develop and Implement New Standards

Understand the New Overtime Pay Rules: 4A’s Information & Guidance Webinar

On July 19th, the 4A’s hosted the “Overtime Rules Change Webinar” which provided information on overtime rules that will become effective on December 1, 2016.

5 Questions for: DDB New York’s Chris Brown

Marketing & Communications

The 4A’s is asking some of the ad industry’s most interesting thinkers to share their views on the future of advertising, change and what they really want to be when they grow up. Here DDB New York’s Chris Brown offers his thoughts: 1) What’s the biggest challenge or opportunity facing the ad industry right now? […]

How the 4A’s is Tackling the Overtime Issue in Washington

Government Relations

Wage inequality and workers’ rights are themes you will hear often on the Presidential campaign trail this year. Even President Obama has made regulatory enforcement of labor policy a focus of his final term. The most vivid example is a new regulation about compensation that soon will go into force, without any public debate, Congressional hearings or […]

4A’s Member Op-Ed: The Future of Marketing Is Less Advertising

4A's Member

In this op-ed Mike Proulx, EVP, Director of Digital Strategy & Tech Innovation at Hill Holliday, shares his perspective that brands fighting the daily share battle have a better weapon.

See It & Be It: Ad Agencies Need Young Talent

4A's Member

The young and the creative have been the engine driving advertising agencies for decades. But those who once joined this business with dreams of making the next standout television commercial are no longer drawn to the industry in the same way. Some view advertising as stodgy—who wants to make a 30-second TV commercial when everyone they know is […]

See It & Be It: Black (Ad) Lives Matter—The Industry’s Biggest Diversity Problem

4A's Member

Ad Age‘s Ken Wheaton recently penned an article for the magazine on how the discussion on gender equity in the ad industry mustn’t eclipse its need for racial diversity. He wrote: “the overwhelming majority of talk about diversity over the last few months has been about gender rather than race. Perhaps it’s easier to talk […]

Inside the Campaign: Nissan’s Diehard Fan by Critical Mass

4A's Member

The 4A’s is committed to showcasing creative work done by its member agencies through its Inside the Campaign feature. Here Critical Mass, based in Calgary, Canada and with offices in 12 cities, helped put game faces on Nissan’s Diehard Fans. How Critical Mass created an augmented-reality face-paint app to help Nissan celebrate its unprecedented sponsorship […]

Western New Business Committee (June 8, 2016) – Casey Burnett (The Burnett Collective)

In this June 8, 2016 presentation to the 4A’s Western New Business Committee, Casey Burnett (The Burnett Collective) described his new consultancy, which is focusing on several interesting new approaches that will be of interest to the new business community.

Joel Idelson Joins Connelly Partners as CMO

Marketing & Communications

Connelly Partners announces Joel Idelson has been named Chief Marketing Officer.

Guidelines on Client-Agency Relations and Best Practices in the Pitch Process

Research Services

WFA and the EACA provide guidelines on how to organize, conduct, and conclude a pitch process leading to a new client-agency relationship.

Laughlin Constable Establishes Agency Trading Desk

Marketing & Communications

Laughlin Constable has announced it has established an internal trading desk to buy online advertising space directly from ad exchanges.

Deutsch Taps Rachel Mercer as Vice President, Digital Strategy Director, in New York

Marketing & Communications

New York – May 24, 2016 — Deutsch New York’s Chief Strategy Officer, Andrew Dawson, announced the appointment of Rachel Mercer as VP, Digital Strategy Director. She will be charged with helping to grow the Agency’s digital, social and innovation strategy practice – working on clients including Sherwin-Williams and PNC Bank. Reporting directly to Dawson, […]

U.S. Department of Labor Modifies Overtime Pay Rules

Management Services

We want to alert Members to the U.S. Department of Labor release of modified employee overtime pay rules. The new rules which take effect on December 1, 2016 will have a material impact on many U.S. businesses including marketing service companies.

Overtime Pay Rules: Agency Considerations

Management Services

The U.S. Department of Labor has dedicated major resources toward “updating” and “clarifying” the overtime pay regulations that have been in place since 2004. As with the earlier regulations, the new overtime pay rules, which are effective December 1, 2016, are complex, but they apply to virtually all businesses and will necessarily change significant aspects of agency operations.

MEC Launches Specialist Content Offer Wavemaker

4A's Member

MEC today announces the launch of MEC Wavemaker, a global specialist content offer that uses consumer insights to plan, create and evolve brand content strategies. The division will be led by Tim Flattery whose been appointed Managing Partner, Senior Practice Lead reporting to Shenan Reed, President, Digital.

Innovation Driven Chicago Startups Get Free Marketing Advice

4A's Member

Four Chicago-based companies, who are leveraging technology to provide enhanced experiences and planning services for travelers and the travel industry, will work with senior marketers in the sixth Chicago Marketing Sparks program led by advertising agency MARC USA in partnership with 1871.

Agency Organization Structures & Servicing Models

4A’s Management Practitioners Forum (Monday, March 21, 2016) – Agency Organization Structures & Servicing Models by Andrew Graff, CEO, Allen & Gerritsen.

The Do’s & Don’ts of MSAs, Security and IP Ownership

4A’s Management Practitioners Forum (Monday, March 21, 2016) – The Do’s & Don’ts of MSAs, Security and IP Ownership by Candice Kersh, Partner, Frankfurt Kurnit Klein & Selz.

Agency Case Story – Meet 22Squared

4A’s Management Practitioners Forum (Monday, March 21, 2016) – Agency Case Story – Meet 22Squared by Richard Ward, President/CEO, 22squared.

4A’s MSA Guidance: Data Security – The Rules of the Road

Industry subject matter experts from the 4A’s community developed the this whitepaper to provide agency management with a framework for evolving discussion on master service agreements (MSA) data security considerations and predominant industry practice.

ANA/4A’s Agency Reviews for Project Work Guidance Considerations

An ANA/4A’s task force has developed ANA/4A’s Agency Reviews for Project Work Guidance Considerations, a white paper that provides clients and agencies with principles to help optimize the review process for project assignments.

4A’s Task Force Issues ‘Transparency Guiding Principles of Conduct’

Media Services

The 4A’s, the leading trade association representing the advertising agency business, has released the “Transparency Guiding Principles of Conduct,” which outline common goals and modern industry practices surrounding the issue of media transparency.

4A’s Guidance Paper: The Myth of The Working vs. Non-Working Ratio

Developed by the 4A’s finance committees, this paper helps facilitate and inform agency-client discussions related to the composition of effective and efficient marketing investment.

About Employee Benefits Series: Prevailing Benefits in Agencies

Management Services

A series of regularly updated surveys on employee benefits in agencies.

Horizon Media and INNOCEAN Worldwide Partner to Launch New Media Agency Network, Canvas Worldwide

Marketing & Communications

Horizon Media, the largest and fastest growing privately-held media services agency in the world, announced today the launch of a second stand-alone media agency network, Canvas Worldwide.

4A’s Hosts Strategy Festival and Jay Chiat Awards for Strategic Excellence

Marketing & Communications

The 4A’s today revealed the names of approximately 20 speakers who will participate in its Strategy Festival 2015, during which winners of the 19th edition of the Jay Chiat Awards will be announced.

$9.6 Million Dividend to be Paid to 4A’s Workers’ Compensation Program Policyholders

4A's Benefits

2014 was another record year for the 4A’s Workers’ Compensation Program, with covered payroll growing to $9.3 billion and insured employees increasing to 139,000.

4A’s Forms New Digital Operations and Technology Committee

Media Services

The 4A’s has established a Digital Operations and Technology Committee to address issues related to the digital supply chain for its member agencies.

4A’s Position Paper on Agency Compensation

The 4A’s Board of Directors has adopted a new 4A’s position paper, developed by the 4A’s Finance Committees, “Best Practice Guidance | Agency Compensation: Market-Based Labor Rates.”

Independent Ad Agency Archer Malmo Acquires Austin Digital Agency Tocquigny, Expanding Services and Footprint

Marketing & Communications

Archer Malmo, a leading brand communications agency in the Mid-South, today announced the acquisition of Austin-based Tocquigny, an independent, digital marketing agency founded by Yvonne Tocquigny in 1980.

Starcom Mediavest Group Launches CONTENT@SCALE Video and Native

Marketing & Communications

Starcom Mediavest Group (SMG) announced newly added video and native distribution channels to Content@Scale, the agency network’s proprietary technology platform that helps marketers scale quality content in real time.

Mullen Lowe Group Challenges Global Creative Community to "Can Your Lions" To Help With Hunger-Relief Efforts In Earthquake-Ravaged Nepal

Marketing & Communications

Mullen Lowe Group is pledging to donate the monetary replacement value of all the Cannes Lions statues it wins at the Cannes Lions International Festival of Creativity 2015 to hunger-relief efforts in earthquake-ravaged Nepal.

4A’s Digital Operations and Compensation Survey – Phase I

Management Services

This survey provides important information about agency digital operations including revenue sources, relationship structures, monetization of I.P., and digital services agreements.

Starcom MediaVest Group, in Partnership with PlaceIQ and Acxiom, Announces Addressable TV Measurement Product, SMG MAPS TV

Marketing & Communications

Global media communications network Starcom MediaVest Group (SMG) today announced an industry-first addressable TV product-SMG MAPS TV- that activates and measures addressable TV audiences based on brand location visits.

Horizon Media Develops Mood-Based Planning & Buying Approach for Audio

Marketing & Communications

Horizon Media, announced today it has established a mood-based roadmap for planning audio investments.

4A’s New Business Reviews for Project Assignments Survey Report

Management Services

The prevalence of project assignments and the trend toward project pitches is on the rise. The 4A’s survey report on Reviews for Project Assignments contains valuable information on project dynamics. Please contact Sal Conte at for a copy of the survey.

Alma Once Again Named Ad Age’s Multicultural Agency of The Year

4A's Member

Alma has been named 2015 Multicultural Agency of the Year as part of Advertising Age’s Agency A-List honors for the nation’s best advertising and marketing firms.

4A’s MSA Guidance: Allocation of Risk, Indemnification & Limitations on Liability

Members of the 4A’s legal, finance and commercial practices communities have developed agency-client master service agreement (MSA) guidance related to Allocation of Risk, Indemnification & Limitations on Liability.

FAQs | Agency Overhead and Profits

Members of the 4A’s Finance committees believe that it is in the best interest of both the agency and client communities to provide information on agency overhead and agency profit.

4A’s Data Security Awareness Guidance

This white paper, developed by members of the 4A’s data security task force, is intended to elevate awareness of data security challenges.

4A's Client PR Committee Releases Survey Results

Marketing & Communications

The 4A’s Client Public Relations Committee has released results from a recent survey designed to help agency leaders determine whether and how best to integrate public relations into their service offerings.

Leveraging Expertise & Scale (aka Conflicts)

A 4A’s team discussed the topic of Leveraging Expertise & Scale (aka Conflicts) at an ANA Agency Relations “Members Only Conference” recently. The outline of their conversation is included here for 4A’s members to review.

4A's Patent Guidance

Management Services

Recent agency experiences with patent assertion matters have led the 4A’s to a few patent guidance recommendations for agencies.

Patent Guidance Recommendation: Digital Functions, Patent Liability, and the “Wayback Machine”

Recent agency experiences with patent assertion matters have led the 4A’s to offer the following downloadable document outlining specific recommendations.

Bryan Weiner’s May 2013 ANA Procurement Conference Presentation

This presentation on the effective compensation and agency performance measurements in digital media was originally presented by Bryan Wiener, Chairman & CEO, 360i Chairman, 4As Digital Board.

Adobe and SapientNitro Expand Global Partnership

Marketing & Communications

Adobe Systems Incorporated and SapientNitro, part of Sapient, today announced an expansion of their global partnership, including integration of the Sapient EngagedNow platform with Adobe Marketing Cloud.

4A’s Client Compensation | Best Practices Do’s and Don’ts

4A’s finance committee task group advocates compensation negotiation best practice suggestions for agency leaders A cross-industry task group, comprised of senior agency executives, has developed guidance and is advocating best practices that will help marketing services agencies interact more productively with client procurement groups and industry compensation consultants. The task group’s recommendations, which carry the […]

Consumers Think Advertising Can Change the World. Can the Industry Rise to the Challenge?

Marketing & Communications

The 4A’s and McCann Worldgroup partner on “Truth About Advertising” U.S. research study, and the 4A’s kicks-off a contest to find the best creative idea to market the industry to a broader audience.

4A’s "Agency Best Practices: Project-Based Assignments" Guidance

Management Services

To assist 4A’s members in addressing the many aspects involved in assessing and structuring project assignments, an “Agency Best Practices: Project-Based Assignments” guidance and discussion Wiki workspace has been created.

Agency Best Practices – Project-Based Assignments

For an outline of topics relating to agency best practices on various project-based assignments, please refer to the the following overview.

How Do You REALLY Become a Front Runner?


Gain Your Competitive Edge at the 4A’s Competitive Edge Series on Wednesday, October 3, 2012. The Competitive Edge Series features CEO-driven thought-leadership presentations designed to enlighten and inspire agency peers and client counterparts.

4A’s Second Annual CreateTech Conference Gets Underway in Santa Monica

Marketing & Communications

Technologists from the ad/marketing industry gathered for the first day of the 4A’s second annual CreateTech Conference, during which they were given a glimpse of “the possible” in consumer engagement.

New 4A's Publication | "How to Build a Training Program at Your Agency"

Management Services

“How to Build a Training Program at Your Agency”, the newest booklet in the 4A’s Management Series, is now available.

Cheil Worldwide Acquires U.S. Agency McKinney, World's Most Effective Independent Ad Agency

Marketing & Communications

Cheil Worldwide announced the acquisition of Durham, North Carolina-based ad agency, McKinney, effective immediately. McKinney will play a central role in the reinvention of Cheil’s network in the Americas and beyond.

Survey Results | Ending the Agency Talent Rotisserie

Management Services

Deutsch LA recently teamed with the 4As on a study that examines the brand health of the ad industry and why people stay or leave. The results of the survey were released at Cannes today in a segment entitled “Ending the Agency Talent Rotisserie.”

360i Launches Startup Outlook

Marketing & Communications

Digital agency 360i today announced the launch of Startup Outlook, a new program whose mission is to surface the best emerging technologies and startups for brands and to provide marketers with a filter for evaluating them.

GroupM Creates New Role to Help Drive Growth

Marketing & Communications

GroupM today announced that Mike Tunnicliffe, a media agency executive with more than 20 years of international experience, has been named the company’s Chief Growth Officer, a new position.

GroupM Introduces New Innovation Center: GroupM Next

Marketing & Communications

GroupM Next will focus on providing insights, in context, on the developments at both our core partners and emerging players in online, mobile, social and addressable.

Does the Advertising Industry Need a Brand-Building Exercise?

Marketing & Communications

The 4A’s is challenging the industry it represents to come up with a big creative idea that promotes the advertising industry to a broader audience.

Client Data Security

Management Services

This discusses the background on data security issues, the difference between data security and disaster recovery, and offers illustrative samples of data security policies obtained from 4A’s members.

Revisiting Agency/Client Agreements: The New Basics

Candice Kersh from Frankfurt Kurnit Klein & Selz presents this paper discussing the new basics for agencies to consider when revisiting agency-client agreements

Negotiating Tips and Suggestions

A battle-tested panel of agency pros talks about negotiating compensation and the importance of having a negotiating strategy, internal alignment and an experienced “deal team.” The panelists also share proven tips for reaching mutually beneficial compensation arrangements.

The Profit Imperative

Dana Perry, BBDO, and David Weiss, Interpublic, discuss profit and ad worth in this 2014 4A’s presentation.

Talent and Labor-Based Compensation

In this presentation paper by Darren Norkett, discusses “getting paid what we are worth” and touches on the unfortunate conversations we as an industry currently find ourselves having on the topic of Talent & Labor Based Compensation.

Compensation Overview: Challenges & Opportunities

The 4A’s offers the following document to assist agencies in identifying and working successfully through compensation challenges and opportunities.

A Compensation Alternative—Nancy Hill

For a sample alternative compensation model, please refer to the following simple template in which you can drop in your agencies own compensation information.

Scope of Work—The Revenue Driver

Current SOW practices are diverse, and can be problematic as a result. This paper explores the challenges and some possible solutions to help make SOWs more streamlined and successful.

The Myths and Realities of Incentive Compensation

A panel of experts discusses the do’s and don’ts of performance compensation. They share the views on what performance compensation arrangements work, discuss lessons learned and the importance of client motives and culture.

Summit Key Takeaways and Next Steps

Tom Finneran, EVP, 4A’s urges agencies to develop compensation principles, communicate the principles broadly and then adhere to the principles.

Miles Young: Thoughts on Agency Compensation

Ogilvy’s Worldwide CEO Miles Young urges the industry to get back to basics by starting with the client’s business goals; taking a team-based approach to compensation; challenging inappropriate client and consultant mandates; and believing in your value proposition and leveraging your precious talent.

Benchmarks—What Matters?

A cross-industry panel discusses the importance of value-added metrics and cautions against the inappropriate use of metrics that focus primarily on cost rather than on the benefits that clients/brands derive from agency work.

Tom Carroll: Thoughts on Agency Compensation

TBWA’s President and CEO Tom Carroll provides a call to action and urges the industry to become more confident and capable pricers.

Overhead and the Truth About Efficiency Metrics

Rick Brook, SVP, Global Client Operations, WPP identifies myths about efficiency metrics–notably the invalid use of overhead as an efficiency metric. Rick suggests a hierarchy of metrics that are appropriate and should be used in compensation discussions. >>>Download presentation: Overhead and the Truth About Efficiency Metrics

A Compensation Alternative—Susan Gianinno

Susan Gianinno, Chairman & CEO of Publicis suggests an innovative three-tier compensation approach.

Lee Clow: Thoughts on Agency Compensation

Creative icon Lee Clow (Chairman and CCO, TBWA Worldwide) shares his thoughts on agency compensation and the value that agencies provide by building brands.

Summit Overview

Tom Finneran, 4A’s Executive Vice President, discusses the industry’s compensation challenges and reviews the “Agency Compensation: 4A’s Agency Compensation Transformation Doctrine–Strategic Pillars” position paper guidance which serves as a foundation for much of the summit program’s content.

The Compensation Imperative

Industry icons share their thoughts on “How to Get Paid What You Are Worth–Now”

GroupM Strengthens Global Management Structure

Marketing & Communications

GroupM today announced that Dominic Proctor, the longtime CEO of Mindshare Worldwide, has been named President of GroupM, a new position.

In True Holiday Spirit, Chicago Ad Agency Foregoes Client Gifts, Instead Hits Chicago Streets With "Carols for Kids"

Marketing & Communications

On a cold and windy December day, Schafer Condon Carter’s 60 employees took to the streets to carol and cajole passersby, complete with a Santa and Elves, to raise money.

Millions of Travelers Set to Descend on New York for the Holidays; Avoid the Crowds and Claustrophobia — Visit

Marketing & Communications

Go Crowdless aggregates Foursquare “check-in” data at 20 of New York’s most popular holiday attractions, to help travellers predict when crowds are likely to be smallest-and the busiest hours to avoid.

New IPG Media Lab Bridges Silicon Valley and Madison Avenue to Fuel Innovation for the World's Leading Brands

Marketing & Communications

The IPG Media Lab is the world’s first immersion and exploration center dedicated to bringing the most promising technologies from Silicon Valley & the Innovation Economy together with leading global brands to create solutions for marketing problems.

JWT North America Acquires Lunchbox LP

Marketing & Communications

Lunchbox is a shopper engagement solutions agency that develops innovative sales and marketing platforms for retailers that connect brands to millions of hard-to-reach customers.

Geomentum and Patch Partner to Deliver Hyperlocal Digital Platform at Scale

Marketing & Communications

Under the new agreement partnering Geomentum with AOL’s Patch, Geomentum will align with Patch to deliver scaled digital advertising solutions to its clients through the creation of locally versioned, hyperlocal advertising campaigns on Patch sites.

Campbell Mithun’s Next Live-Streamed #Talkinar to Tackle Media Myths

Marketing & Communications

Minneapolis agency Campbell Mithun will host a live-streamed online conversation about myth and reality in today’s media marketplace.

GroupM Adopts Aggressive New Anti-Piracy Policy for Digital Media Buys

Marketing & Communications

GroupM has developed and adopted a pioneering new digital media buying policy designed to prevent its clients’ ads from appearing on websites that distribute illegally obtained content.

New IPG Production-Based Agency Addresses Marketplace Needs

Marketing & Communications

The Interpublic Group of Companies has officially announced the creation of Pipeline PS, a high-end production agency that addresses the needs of clients and marketing communications agencies.

Draftfcb Acquires Blue Barracuda in the U.K.

Marketing & Communications

Draftfcb’s acquisition of Blue Barracuda in the U.K. will fortify Draftfcb’s offering in a key strategic hub worldwide and drive even faster growth.

Wunderman's Z Academy Searches the Globe for the Marketer of the Year 2021

Marketing & Communications

Wunderman is giving two teams of young future marketing students the chance of a lifetime—a trip to the prestigious Cannes Lions International Advertising Festival.

Havas Drive Launches New Services Aimed at Improving Digital and Web Accessibility

Marketing & Communications

Havas Drive, the innovation unit of Havas Worldwide Health, today announced the launch of patient-centric services geared toward persons with disabilities and those undergoing rehabilitative therapies.

Mindshare Announces New Management Structure for Europe

Marketing & Communications

Instead of having a single point of leadership, the European, the Middle Eastern and African Mindshare regions has been split into three distinct clusters, each of which will be managed separately and will report to Dominic Proctor.

Agency Search “To-Do” List: Start by Aligning Marketing Resources and Expectations

Management Services

The 4A’s Issues an “Agency Search To-Do List” That Addresses Agency-Marketer Relationship Fundamentals Agency business leaders and 4A’s business development committee members have reported that the level of marketing preparation and agency search/new business activity is on the rise. To help plan for and take advantage of accelerating momentum, the 4A’s recommends that marketing executives […]

Draftfcb Launches Institute of Decision Making

Marketing & Communications

The Draftfcb Institute of Decision Making global team aims to apply emerging fields such as behavioral economics and neuroscience to marketing communications.

Pricing Continuum

The “Pricing Continuum” ranges from classic/true cost-plus arrangements at one end of the spectrum to pure value added/results based methodologies at the other end of the spectrum.

G2 Worldwide Expands North American Presence by Opening Canadian Office

Marketing & Communications

G2 Worldwide, a top-five global activation marketing agency, today announced the opening of its first Canadian office, which will be located in Montreal.

Maxus Forms New Middle East Alliance

Marketing & Communications

A new Middle Eastern alliance, called BPG Maxus, will offer media services and solutions including strategic planning, implementation and buying, analytics, and digital communications throughout the Middle East and North Africa regions.

Draftfcb Crafts 13 Commandments of Recovery Marketing

4A's Member

According to the co-authors of the 13 Commandments of Recovery Marketing, the opportunity to put creative thinking to work, build value and drive business is there for everyone. They encourage all marketers to keep Draftfcb’s 13 Commandments in mind as they go for it.

New Business Surveys

4A’s/ANA Agency/Advertiser Value Survey In the late spring of 2007, the 4A’s and the Association of National Advertisers conducted parallel surveys designed to assess agency and client attitudes and activities in four areas: How agencies add value to the client’s business How advertisers add value to the agency/client relationship The degree of interest in value-based […]

P&G’s New Agency Compensation/Brand Agency Leader Model

This webinar—outlining 4A’s tips, tools and tactics—was first presented by P&G in June 2009 and is an overview of the P&G BAL model.

Mindshare Announces Major Company-Wide Restructuring

Marketing & Communications

MindShare announced a global reengineering of its business structure that streamlines the company’s operations by integrating traditional and digital services into a full-service marketing agency powered by best-in-class media services.

The Marketer’s View-Leapfrog Mine Fields and Exceed Client Expectations

On May 29, 2008 Lorraine Rojek and three RCG clients talked about the importance of clear agency values and culture as well as the leading causes of agency changes. “The Marketers View—Leapfrog Mine Fields and Exceed Client Expectations” featured Alltel Communications VP Marketing Erin Taylor; Royal Caribbean SVP Marketing Alice Norsworthy and White Castle VP Marketing […]

The New Age of Digital, Media, and Agency Search

The 4A’s was pleased to host the next in its “Tips, Tools & Tactics” New Business Webinar Series on January 31, 2008, featuring leading agency search consultant Catherine Bension, President and CEO, Select Resources International. Ms. Bension shared her extensive experience with helping clients assess digital communication and emerging media agency resource needs, and highlighted best-in-class […]

Working With Search Consultants

In November, 2007, the 4A’s hosted another Webinar in its “Tools, Tips, and Tactics” series: “Working With Search Consultants, Featuring Mercer Island Group’s Steve Boehler.”

Conflict Policy Guidelines

This position paper addresses trends in client/agency conflict policies and reflects consideration of these issues by the 4A’s New Business Committee.

Advertising Agency Overhead

This position paper addresses the issue of whether to include agency contributions to retirement plans and new business costs when calculating agency overhead. The 4A’s position is that these necessary costs should be included in overhead when calculating agency fees even though some advertisers and agency search consultants disagree.