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Public Sentiment Towards Facebook Data Collection, Privacy, and Online Marketing in 2019

Research Services

Clever Real Estate surveyed Americans about their feelings towards online advertising, privacy, and data collection.

Bending the Curve: TV + Digital Video

Third Party Content

FreeWheel reveals how advertisers can combine TV and digital video to most effectively reach audiences in this guide.

When It Comes to Video Ad Creative, How Much Should You Customize?

Third Party Content

Think with Google shares their findings on how video ad customization drives brand impact.

Digital Consumer Trends in Canada

Mintel explores digital trends in Canada with information on new tech adoption, the bright future for wireless headphones, tasks performed on personal computers, and free content vs. paid content.

Digital Advertising in China

In this infographic, Mintel talks about digital advertising strategies to reach consumers in China.

The 5 Minute Guide to Mastering Audiences on Twitter

Third Party Content

In this blog post on Twitter, Brandwatch Audiences shares how to tweet effectively with this guide focusing on your fans, your target audience, and the unknown.

Over 30 Million Americans Have Never Paid for Traditional TV Service

Research Services

GfK MRI examines reasons behind Cord Nevers now paying for traditional and/or streaming TV services.

Taking Stock with Teens

Research Services

Piper Jaffray releases its semi-annual report featuring teen shopping behaviors, spending patterns, and top fashion & beauty and restaurant brands.

Global Intelligence Q4 2018

Research Services

Zenith has released its Q4 2018 issue of Global Intelligence with data and insights on the global advertising market. Topics include global ad spend growth by region and medium, spotlight on Singapore, marketing tech issues, focus on the automotive category, shoppable content, and digital channels.

Millennials | Where They Shop. How They Shop. Why it Matters.

Research Services

SmarterHQ asked Millennials about their shopping habits and marketing preferences, revealing best practices for reaching them through email.

Theatrical Home Entertainment Market Environment (THEME) Report

Research Services

The MPAA shares international and U.S./Canada box office sales, top films, moviegoer and home viewer demographics, and more in its annual report.

Zenith Advertising Expenditure Forecasts-March 2019

Zenith predicts global ad spend will grow 4.7% in 2019, reaching $623 billion. In both 2020 and 2021, the growth rate is expected at 4.6%.  As for the U.S., ad expenditures are expected to increase 5.0% in 2019, 4.2% in 2020, and 4.8% in 2021.

Trend Spotter: Five Retail Trends to Watch in 2019

Research Services

Synchrony Financial highlights five retail trends for 2018 and implications for retailers.

World Happiness Report

Research Services

The World Happiness Report looks into how happiness has changed between 2005-2018, country rankings by happiness, and how happiness is influenced by information technology, governance, and social norms. The report also includes a chapter devoted to the correlation of increased digital media usage and the decline of happiness in the United States.

Digital Media Trends Survey

Research Services

Deloitte provides insight into the media habits of U.S. consumers by generation in its annual report.