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4 Ways to Get Mid-Funnel Impact Out of Your Brand Campaign

Third Party Content

Think with Google provides a case study on Airbnb’s marketing strategy on YouTube to expand its reach in Brazil.

250 Direct Brands to Watch

Research Services

This report from the IAB identifies the top 250 direct-to-consumer brands. It includes rankings overall, rankings by ten categories, and much more.

The Brand Safety Crisis: One Year Later

4A's Member

GumGum surveyed brands, agencies, and publishers to gain insight into the state of brand safety in digital marketing.

The State of Ad Viewability

Third Party Content

Think with Google explores viewability benchmarks for display and video ads around the world. Viewability rates by country and industry are included, along with tips on how to creative more effective and viewable ads.

TAG European Fraud Benchmark Study

Research Services

The Trustworthy Accountability Group (TAG) has released results of its study of digital advertising fraud in Europe. The report shows that TAG Certified Channels reduced the level of fraud by more than 94% from the industry average.

Digital 2019: Global Digital Overview

Research Services

We Are Social and Hootsuite have just published their global digital overview chock full of statistics on Internet, social media, and mobile usage around the globe. World’s most visited websites, growth rates, voice search, content streaming activities, demographics of social media users, mobile apps, and much more are all covered.

A New Video World Order | What Motivates Consumers?

Research Services

In its annual report on video consumption, PwC divides consumers into five distinct video watching segments and provides demographic profiles, viewing habits, and audience motivations for each.

Insta-branding | The Impact of Instagram on the Orthodoxies of Traditional Branding

4A's Member

Ogilvy examines how smaller brands are redefining the traditional rules of advertising and marketing by using Instagram to connect directly with their consumers.

Top Email Design Trends of 2019

Research Services

Email Monks shares email design trends that will gain popularity in 2019.

New Year Outlook | 2019 Survey Report

RSW/US explores the biggest challenges facing ad agencies from the perspectives of both marketers and ad agencies.

Tech Trends 2019

Research Services

Deloitte analyzes and guides CIOs through eight trends that could disrupt business over the next year.

Trends for 2019

Research Services

Ogilvy Consulting makes five predictions for 2019 in its annual trend report.

Half of All Video Viewing Time is Spent with Others

Research Services

Learn who’s watching TV together, what they watch, and how they watch it in this article from MRI.

Mind the Data Gap | 2019 Data-Driven Marketing & Advertising Outlook

Research Services

Dun & Bradstreet surveyed B2B marketers and their agencies around the world to better understand how B2B brands approach data-driven marketing.

Dentsu Aegis Global Ad Spend Forecasts – January 2019

Research Services

Dentsu Aegis estimates that global ad expenditures will grow 3.8% in 2019 to $625 billion. In the US, digital is expected to surpass TV’s share of ad spend for the first time.