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The Most Powerful Platform is… TV

Third Party Content

With the Upfronts fast approaching, TV is going through an evolution, embracing and adapting to the opportunities that digital consumption brings with it. The FreeWheel Council for Premium Video recently hosted a roundtable discussion with senior media executives on how TV is evolving to become a robust, converged platform to meet the needs of marketers. Read about the highlights and key takeaways in this post from FreeWheel’s VP of Global Agency, Brand & Industry Relations James Rothwell. 

Video Seminar: The Art of Negotiation

This presentation was delivered to the 4A’s Large Agency and Media Finance Committees on February 21, 2018 by Brett Colbert of Colbert Group Consulting.

4 Principles for Creating Video Ads that Drive Conversions

Third Party Content

Learn how to deliver thoughtful creative to relevant audiences for successful direct response video ad campaigns.

Most Memorable New Product Launch Survey

Research Services

Schneider Associates identifies the top new products of last year, as well insights into what motivates consumers to try and buy new products.

Taking Stock with Teens

Research Services

Piper Jaffray releases its semi-annual report featuring teen shopping behaviors, spending patterns, and top fashion & beauty and restaurant brands.

Media Trends in the UK

Mintel examines the latest media trends in the UK.

Activities of Kids and Teens

Mintel studies kids and teen (6-17) media habits and leisure activities.

Theatrical Home Entertainment Market Environment (THEME) Report

Research Services

The MPAA shares international and U.S./Canada box office sales, top films, attendance demographics, and more in its annual report.

Influence by the Numbers: The True Impact of Cross-Social Influencer Marketing

Research Services

FullScreen and Shareablee partnered to study the impact and effectiveness of influencer marketing.

Good Fortune: A Look at the Behaviors & Media Consumption of Affluent Americans

Research Services

The VAB explores the the TV and video usage, as well as viewing behaviors, of the affluent market.

Using Analytics to Improve Customer Engagement

Research Services

MIT Sloan explores companies from various industries leading the way with analytics and customer engagement, as well as the challenges they face.

The Future of Digital Advertising Is About Aligning With Your Consumer

4A's Member

Written piece by Tim Sims, SVP of Inventory Partnerships at The Trade Desk regarding the future of digital advertising.

How Integrated Data and Technology Helped 3 Companies Transform Their Marketing

Third Party Content

Think with Google outlines three actions agencies and marketers can follow to deliver a better customer experience.

Advertising Expenditure Forecasts-March 2018

Zenith’s latest predictions indicate global ad spend will grow by 4.6% in 2018, reaching $579 billion by the end of the year.

Tech Tracker Q1 2018

Research Services

Ipsos Connect’s Tech Tracker measures the emerging trends and developments in technology in Great Britain. Get the latest statistics on Internet usage, connected homes, smartphones, tablets, social networking, and content consumption.