Agency Job Descriptions

The 4A’s maintains a large collection of standardized agency job descriptions, representing roles common within our industry.

To better find the right talent to fill key agency positions, the 4A’s makes available to its members detailed agency job descriptions, organized by department/discipline. These descriptions have been compiled from actual member employment offerings, and have been modified to remove specific organizational references.

We also have additional job descriptions beyond those posted here. For additional information or requests for sample job descriptions, please contact the 4A’s Management Services division at

Account Coordinator (Variation B)

Management Services

ACCOUNT COORDINATOR Job Description SCOPE Provides administrative assistance and secretarial support to Account Group. Backs up Account Group as liaison between Agency and Client. Helps encourage Client confidence in Agency performance. Cooperates with Office Manager to support other account teams, as needed. Reports to Account Supervisor. Objectives Measurements Understand agency procedures and requirements. Smooth operations, […]

Account Coordinator (Variation C)

Management Services

ACCOUNT COORDINATOR Job Description FUNCTION Provides secretarial and administrative support to the AE and AS to assure execution of assigned programs in a manner which enables the agency to maintain strong, long-lasting relationships with client accounts for which s/he is responsible. RESPONSIBILITIES Types all materials and processes correspondence necessary to service assigned accounts. Maintains all […]

Account Coordinator (Variation D)

Management Services

ACCOUNT COORDINATOR Job Description DESCRIPTION To build strong lasting Client/Agency relationships based on progress in achieving Clients’ marketing objectives with efficiency that results in a profit to the agency. To support the internal agency staff in their efforts to serve the Clients’ needs in a responsive, efficient, effective, accurate manner. STATUS Reports to Account Executive. […]

Account Coordinator (Variation E)

Management Services

ACCOUNT COORDINATOR Job Description This job description will provide you with guidelines for understanding your responsibilities. These guidelines may change to meet the specific business needs of the Agency. REPORTS TO Account Executive or Account Supervisor SUPERVISES (Not Applicable) QUALIFICATIONS The qualifications for the Account Coordinator are: BA/BS degree required. 1-2 years of professional agency […]

Account Coordinator (Variation F)

Management Services

ACCOUNT COORDINATOR Job Description OVERVIEW The Account Coordinator is responsible for maintaining and supporting an efficient working environment for the accounts for which they are assigned. S/he will keep communication channels clear and open among members of the assigned account group, as well as other departments within the agency. S/he will also monitor the workflow […]