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This section contains a wealth of resources, from upcoming training courses to national conferences, as well as highlights of past events, including videos, galleries and presentations.

Featured Events

4A’s Strategy Festival 2017

Come explore the new frontier in planning, where data and human insights come together to inspire.

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4A's 100th Anniversary

In honor of our 100th anniversary, we’re celebrating the people, agencies and ideas that drive the advertising business.

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4A's CreateTech 2017

Exploring the creative side of A.I. and the strategic territory being terraformed by A.I. technologies.

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All Upcoming Events

Agency Growth: Building a High-Performance Pitch Team

Applying best practices from Mirren’s new business training, Brent Hodgins of Mirren will review how to overcome some of the key challenges that hold back most teams, particularly given the reactive nature of agency culture. Get your team members to better commit, better focus and make their best possible contribution to converting the business.

Mastering Workplace Conversations Webinar Series Bundle

The Mastering Workplace Conversations Series provides Junior to Mid-level employees with strategies on how to best communicate their needs and viewpoints with their fellow employees and supervisors, while building a community of talent that is empowered and mature in their delivery.

Mastering Workplace Conversations: Channeling Your Inner Champion

As non-veteran talent, it’s sometimes uncomfortable to share your perspective, advocate for yourself, and communicate your value to your supervisor. This webinar will show you how to reduce anxieties and express strengths by using strategies that best deliver your worth in a more humbling and confident manner.

Mastering Workplace Conversations: Cultivating Agency Comradery

As you advance your advertising career, you will learn that no one individual in the workplace is the same. Everyone comes to the table with his or her own motivations, self-doubt, strengths and ideas. Each colleague you interact with will have a particular temperament and not all discipline stereotypes should be trusted.

4A’s CreateTech 2017

Explore the the creative edge of the digital transformation, experience and expressiveness.

4A’s Executive Leadership Program – 2017 November, Boston

The focal point of this course is a globally acclaimed computer-based simulation that challenges participants to lead, manage and improve the performance of a marketing communications agency over time. Participants acquire actionable skills that they can immediately apply to succeed.

Agency Growth: Presenting Your Fees – Building Your Case in Person & in Proposals

Simply put, this session will have a direct impact on your ability to secure more revenue from your current client roster. Bring along a fee proposal or staffing plan and measure it against the lessons in this session.

Mastering Workplace Conversations: Decoding and Converging Feedback

As juniors and middle weight talent it can be hard to share your opinion and offer feedback without fear on how it will land on another’s ears. It can also be feel defeating to hear what others have to disclose to you.

2017 Launch for Leaders – San Francisco, CA

A new 2-day workshop that will prepare experienced managers for the next stage in their careers!

Be A Creative Leader Bundle

A Creative Leader doesn’t just know how to make great ideas. They know how to build great teams, assess and move meetings and projects forward, and impact relationships in a positive way. This webinar series will give emerging creative leaders the tools to actually emerge.

Be A Creative Leader: Understanding Partnership

Creative partnership can be the difference between succeeding and failing. This webinar will help creative people have a better understanding of their own values and strengths to identify the right partner.

Be A Creative Leader: Mastering Collaboration

A strong, collaborative working environment yields better work and better attitudes. In this webinar, you will learn how to create work that inspires your team and your client. You know what it feels like to be frustrated in the creative process.

Be A Creative Leader: How Listening Works

If you don’t know how to listen, you won’t understand how to move forward. In this webinar, you will learn what it means to be Below The Line (BTL) and Above The Line (ATL). Participants will learn what can happen when your client and your team is BTL and how to avoid this creative soul crushing state.

IPA Foundation Certificate – January 29th Exam

The 4A’s is pleased to offer the award-winning IPA Foundation Certificate through a partnership with its UK-based sister organization the IPA (Institute of Practitioners in Advertising), which has just been newly adapted for the North American market. Enroll by Monday, December 18, 2017 for your chance to take the online exam on Monday, January 29, 2018.

Mothers@Agencies: 2018 Winter Program

Mothers@Agencies is a multi-week virtual coaching program that targets agency mothers and helps them transform into leaders through a relatable, coach-led curriculum.

Digital Media Effectiveness Bundle

The Intrapreneur’s Toolkit equips passionate, motivated employees with proven tools to take charge of their careers by finding innovative ways to serve their agencies, clients and even the greater good.

Digital Media Effectiveness: Selling Innovation To Traditional Industry Clients

What problems exist that nobody is addressing? What could be added to (or taken from) your agency that would make it a better place to work, more profitable, more interesting or more efficient?

Advanced New Business Strategy Bundle Series

Geared specifically for management and new business teams, this webinar series addresses topics focused on being strategic and methodical – but contrarian to more effectively differentiate. Ultimately the goal is to convert more business at a premium fee.