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Brand Love and Ad Nausea

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DEFY Media and TMI Strategy studied teens and young Millennials to understand how they interact with advertising on social media.


Kantar Millward Brown studies storytelling advertising and its effect on generating emotions, branding, sales, and more.

Best Brands 2017

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The YouGov Brand Index ranks the top brands in the U.S. and around the world in a variety of categories.

What Makes People Love the Brands They Love

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Rakuten Marketing provides an overview of the behaviors embodied by loyal customers who frequently shop and spend more, as well as why consumers love certain brands in this report.

How Gender-Positive Ads Pay Off

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Facebook IQ studies the effect gender-positive messaging has on consumer attitudes towards brands and brand loyalty.

Loyalty Trends: Generation Z vs. Millennials

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Check out similarities and differences between Gen Z and millennials in this infographic from CrowdTwist. Topics include brand engagement, brand loyalty, shopping habits, and attitudes towards loyalty programs.

Selling Products by Selling Brand Purpose

Chung-Kue (Jennifer) Hsu reviews the concept and practice of brand purpose and gives examples of brands and campaigns succeeding in purpose-driven marketing.

Earned Brand Trust 2017

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The 2017 edition of the Edelman Earned Brand study shows that it’s the new normal for global consumers to make belief-driven purchase decisions. Learn more about belief-driven consumers and how your brand can better earn their loyalty.

Media 2020:Refresh – Helping Brands Prepare for the Future

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MediaSense surveyed more than 250 senior marketers around the world to understand their views on the current media ecosystem. Topics discussed include brand safety, transparency, accountability, agile operations, measurement, media complexity, and more.

Best and Most Valuable Brand Rankings

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Check out these best and most valuable brand rankings from various sources.

The 7 Biggest Price & Promotion Mistakes and How to Avoid Them

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Nielsen identifies seven mistakes to be aware of when pricing and promoting a brand.

B-to-B Companies are Investing More in Branding

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B-to-B marketers need to step up the quality and sophistication of their branding efforts. Three basic branding guidelines for producing more effective brand materials are offered.

9 of the Top Activation Strategies Driving Brand Engagement

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Learn how top brands use the following strategies to enforce their brand activation efforts in this article from the American Marketing Association (AMA).

Global 500 2017

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Brand Finance determines the world’s most powerful and the most valuable brands in this annual global report. Rankings by industry and country are available.

The State of Social Media in South Africa

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This IAB report explores social media brand activity in South Africa. Find out which sites brands are most likely to use, statistics on the volume of posts, engagement metrics, and trends in the use of photos. Case studies of three of the leading posts are included.