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Agencies Search for Eternal Life—Imperatives for the Ad Business 

On Thursday, September 10, 2009, the 4A's hosted the Tips, Tools & Tactics Webinar “Agencies Search for Eternal Life--Imperatives for the Ad Business” featuring media and entertainment industry securities analyst James Dix, Vice President, Equity Research, Wedbush Morgan Securities.

Discussion included the following topics:

  • What changes in the industry have been spurred by its steep revenue declines this year?
  • Are advertising agencies likely to grow faster than the economy after the recession?
  • Where are technological changes helping and hurting the agencies?
  • Which agency disciplines seem best positioned for the future and why?
  • What is the outlook for advertising agency profit margins?
  • The Bull Case: ‘big ideas’ still important, rise of integrated marketing, and a resilient business model
  • The Bear Case: service provider’s trap, campaigns as commodities, “d” for disintermediation
  • How to respond to emerging trends

About the Speaker
James Dix, CFA, is Vice President Media and Entertainment Equity Research at Wedbush Morgan Securities in Los Angeles. Wedbush is a leading financial services and investment firm that provides private and institutional brokerage, investment banking, private capital, research, commercial banking, and asset management to individual, institutional and issuing clients.

Adobe  Download the Webinar Presentation Deck


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My Notebook

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