Today’s account managers are much more than just client handlers. The best of the best must always be a step ahead of their clients and be true business leaders. This summer, get the inside track on account management with a learning track playlist curated by Anthony Romano, CEO of BBH New York.
From negotiating, presenting and having the right leadership mindset to getting more business, becoming your client’s partner and understanding their business better, these learning opportunities will help you establish best practices to cultivate life-long client/agency relationships.

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1. How to Negotiate: Budgets, Deadlines, Scopes and Other Tough Topics With Clients

Join Gary Duke, Partner & Chief Talent Officer, Wild Blue Yonder, for an illuminating webinar in which you’ll learn how to navigate potentially uncomfortable conversations, while keeping both the client’s and agency’s best interests in mind.
At the end of the webinar, you’ll know how to:

  • Plan for and maintain a productive and positive dialogue
  • Recognize and leverage the five conflict-management modes
  • Size up the opposing perspective and gain insights into the motives and behaviors behind it
  • Anticipate and proactively address client objections
  • Navigate generational, gender, cultural and other personal differences
  • Avoid fostering an “Us vs. Them” perspective

2. Stop Servicing, Start Leading Series: No-Fear Presenting: How to Move Clients to “Yes!” in Your Presentation

Sheila Campbell’s webinar designed expressly for ad agencies — you’ll learn how to come across as not being nervous, and how to engage your clients during your presentation. The more your presentation feels like a conversation, the more convincing it will be.
What You Will Learn:

  • How to make your ideas easy to understand, memorable and actionable to clients
  • How to build client engagement into every presentation, so the agency can monitor exactly how clients feel — and react accordingly
  • When to take client questions (hint: not at the end)
  • How to close a presentation so it leads to decisions and action
  • How to sync individual presentation segments so the agency epitomizes teamwork.

3. New Leadership Skills for Client Service Professionals

Agency-client relationships have changed dramatically in the past 10 years. The days of exclusive, long-term relationships have been replaced by not only more project-oriented work, but the new reality of agencies functioning in a federation of specialized marketing communications firms serving a single client. Especially for client service professionals, this new environment requires a more nimble collaborative approach that can introduce a new level of complexity in dealing with multiple internal and external stakeholders.
Agency management expert Tim Williams looks at the new leadership and management skills that are required to be a successful client service professional in the 21st century and beyond.
What You Can Expect from This Webinar:
This webinar will help agency professionals develop not just the right skill set, but the right mind-set to provide the type of marketing leadership today’s clients want and need from their agencies.

4. Keeping Clients Longer (and it’s not about the work)

The cruel fact is that eventually all your current clients will go away. Client departures often disrupt an agency, frequently forcing it to lay off talented staff. Sometimes the agency can even be forced to go out of business. These are great reasons to do everything possible to keep your clients for as long as possible. But doing great work isn’t enough. Neither is generating great results.
Robb High will discuss how clients view their relationship with their agency.
Key points will include:

  • What’s important to them
  • What frustrates them
  • What makes them decide to terminate the relationship

Robb will also provide proven techniques that agencies can utilize to keep their agency-client relationships solid, including approaches to getting candid feedback, and ways to deliver surprising creativity. In addition, the webinar will provide techniques for how to get more business from current clients.

5. P&G’s POV

“Back in the day…” agencies were their client’s closest business partners. But along the way, many things changed, and the last several years have been tough on agencies. In his keynote, Chief Brand Officer, Marc Pritchard, explores the possible causes of why it’s been so tough, to identify what to do about them, and move forward to transform our businesses together. Marc will call for raising the bar on expectations, partnership, productivity, and creativity to drive growth in the future – together.
Marc Pritchard, Chief Brand Officer, P&G & Board Chairman, ANA.

6. The State of Agency Business Development

In order to help agencies improve the focus and effectiveness of their new business efforts, 4A’s and Advertiser Perceptions have partnered on a proprietary study that explores what matters to advertiser decision makers.
The marketer information that will be presented will include:

  • Agency search methods
  • Agency selection criteria and decision makers
  • Client relationship preferences
  • Marketer procurement practices
  • Emerging agency trends

The presentation will also highlight business development advice for agencies.

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