Take your tired looking consumer journeys and unearth new business opportunities. This summer, get ready to win on strategy with a learning track playlist curated by Ed Cotton, Director of Strategy Innovation at Butler, Shine, Sterns & Partners.
From knowing how to use data to build strategy, digging deep into consumer insights and getting started on strategy to pursuing great creative solutions to writing inspirational creative briefs.

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1. Data Decoded: How to Make Use of Data Without Being a Data Scientist

The quantity and quality of data has exploded and everyone in the communications industry needs to know how learn how to get the most out of data without necessarily becoming a data scientist. Join Tom Morton for this webinar, that will cover basic methods for revealing fresh insights and truths that have previously gone undiscovered; how data can easily be used to create new, more original solutions that clients can buy because they are backed by hard data.
What you will learn:

  • Learn not to be afraid of data and confident enough to take on data analysis yourself
  • Basic data analytics principles
  • Frameworks for looking at data to uncover new learning and brand truths
  • Golden rules for using data to tell stories and sell ideas

2. From Stats to Stories: How to Use Data to Build Brand Strategy

It’s not just about how good your data is, but what you do with it. At a time when marketing agencies, more than ever, need to be seen as data-capable strategic partners, it’s critical for agency professionals to hone their skill for turning data into powerful marketing stories.
Join Robin Hafitz, CEO, Open Mind Strategy, who will review how to go from merely reporting information to extracting actionable insights.
You’ll learn through examples of best and worst practices, and walk away better equipped to:

  • Find your brand story (or, “see the signal through the noise”)
  • Use both quantitative and qualitative data to inform strategy
  • Communicate your learning and ideas persuasively
  • Visualize your data in compelling ways
  • Get smarter about “big data”

3. Agency Planning Essentials: Digging Deep for Customer Insights

Are you digging deep enough to really know your customer? At the end of this webinar, you will understand what customer insights are, and how to mine for the most meaningful ones so you can deliver more impactful campaigns.
What You Will Learn:

  • What a true “insight” is
  • Insight generation process
  • Insights vs. “THINsights”
  • How to use the “4 WHYs” Tool
  • How to evaluate an insight
  • Benchmarking: how others successfully mine meaningful customer insight

4. The Business of Creativity: Lessons Learned from Both Sides of the Brief

Advertising agencies are in the business of commercial creativity. Simply having a great idea is not enough. The ideas we sell to our clients have to deliver concrete, tangible business results…or else. In short, they must be solutions. Great Business solutions come from Experience Over Theory.
Daniel Cherry has that experience, having lived on both sides of the creative brief (as both client and agency leadership) and will share lessons he has learned in the pursuit of great creative solutions that lead to business success.
Join Dan Cherry for this webinar that will outline the thought processes that inspire and inform business-building ideas; it will identify practical approaches for avoiding mediocrity and achieving the full business potential of any idea; it will also define clear evaluation criteria for ensuring your ideas go beyond ad industry award recognition to full, in-market business success.
What you will learn:

  • The difference between creative ideas and business building creativity.
  • To learn how your client makes money and how to help them, and you, make even more.
  • How to make sure all your ideas achieve their maximum business potential.

5. Getting Started on Strategy

The hardest part of developing a powerful strategy is often getting started. Join Robin Hafitz, Open Mind Strategy, who will share her proven and hard-won “strategies to create strategies.” This webinar will teach attendees concrete exercises to develop strategies from scratch. Participants will learn how to guide a productive discussion to identify and develop valuable insights.
Tools and tactics will include:

  • The “Circles” Exercise: a thought process to crack the strategic nut
  • The Strategic Rolodex: adapting what you know to what you need now
  • The Power of Conversation: talking it through to get started
  • Starting Backwards: using creative instinct to develop strategy
  • The Killer Objective: rethinking your goal in order to activate your strategy.

6. How to Write an Inspirational Creative Brief

Many times, creative briefs are neither creative nor brief. Join Robin Hafitz, CEO, Open Mind Strategy, will demystify the process of writing a creative brief, and teach you how to write a brief that is pointed and inspiring.
In “How To Write An Inspirational Creative Brief,” planners, account managers, creatives and marketers will gain the knowledge to cut through the jargon and become better partners with your colleagues and clients. We will clarify term definitions and walk through a step-by-step process to take your briefs from ordinary to inspirational. Filled with practical, real-world examples, you’ll gain a better guide to crafting the perfect creative brief for your brand.
Some of the things you will learn include:

  • Why your client’s brief is almost always wrong––and how to make it right
  • What a creative brief is not
  • Five questions you need to ask before writing a brief.

Tools and Skills You Will Walk Away With:

  • A Brief on Briefing. Teaching your client how to read a brief will benefit both the briefing process and creative output
  • Identifying a Bad Brief. How to check yourself (and your team) before pushing a creative brief through
  • The Platonic Brief: What all (good) briefs have in common.

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