Good leaders aren’t just born, they are constantly learning. They need to constantly challenge themselves even if they think they’ve figured it all out. This summer, sharpen your leadership skills with a learning track playlist curated by Karen Seamen, President/COO of Cramer-Krasselt. From collaborating, impacting and transforming your agency to agency profitablity, agency compensation and pricing options.







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1. The Weapons of Creative Leadership: How to Embed Creative Collaboration into Your Company’s DNA

For almost 60 years, the creative industries were built on a vertical model, each discipline carefully separated from the other. But in today’s world, the most disruptive creative businesses are built around collaboration – the ability to get highly opinionated people from disparate disciplines to work towards a common solution.

In that environment, creative leadership shifts from needing simply to find an office for the most talented individuals to the need to build a culture that supports the complex chemistry of multi-discipline teams. In an industry long focused on the celebrity of the artist, that is an enormous shift.

Charles Day will be joined by John Boiler, founder of 72andSunny, who will talk about the challenges and benefits of a collaborative company, and explain how they bring collaboration to life every day in each of the 72andSunny offices.

What You Will Learn:

  • What happens in a collaborative business that doesn’t happen in its competitors’ businesses?
  • How do great leaders build trust?
  • Who “owns the idea” in a collaborative company?

2. C-Suite Series: Becoming a Highly Profitable Agency

Sam Williams and Jim Upson will share best practices on how to be profitable. They’ll cover client compensation, staffing, managing key success metrics and other topics to drive up your profits.

What You Will Learn:

  • How to access 4A’s publications that will help you measure what you need to achieve
  • Why changes take time, but how they’ll pay off in the long run
  • How to separate yourself from the ad-agency pack, by showing a commitment to following best practices

3. The Weapons of Creative Leadership Series: How to Maximize Your Leadership Impact

Today’s most successful creative businesses are highly complex organizations that integrate multiple disciplines, through multiple channels across multiple time zones. For leaders of those organizations, there is never enough time to do everything.

Charles Day will be joined by Rob Reilly, Global Creative Chairman of McCann Worldgroup, who will discuss how he decides where to focus his energy in order to maximize his impact on his people, his agency’s clients and the industry.

What You Will Learn:

  • The art of managing a leader’s time
  • How to maximize your impact on the work
  • How to unlock ‘Profitable Creativity’ in your staff and your company
  • The seven truths of exceptional creative leaders

4. Hacking Agency Compensation

Solving the problem of agency compensation has a direct and simple solution for those firms willing to change their view of what they really sell. Join Tim Williams who will enlighten and present powerful solutions for transforming agency compensation, dealing successfully with procurement, and improving your pricing as the most powerful way to improve your profits.

What You Will Learn:
While agency compensation appears to be a complex issue, the resolution is surprisingly straight-forward: abandon industrial-age cost-based pricing methods and move to the same modern customer-based pricing methods used by the rest of the business world.

  • Why the “billable hour” is not a “unit of value” (only a unit of cost) and how to effectively sell the value you create in other more effective forms
  • The many other progressive pricing strategies used by today’s businesses and how they can easily apply to professional services like agencies
  • What it takes for your firm to become more of a “professional seller” who can more effectively match the skills of the professional buyers at client organizations

5. How to Transform Your Agency for the Future

The agency business model of the past doesn’t scale in the digital age. Agencies need a new “OS” – a new operating system that supports the way brands are built now. For starters, agencies must adopt a new definition of “creativity.”

Today’s forward-thinking agencies define creativity as well-conceived and well-crafted ideas executed not just in paid, but in earned and owned media channels. Creativity in agencies has been redefined to include not just “the work,” but outputs like mobile apps, branded widgets, keyword strategies and even social media community management.
Agency management expert Tim Williams presents this thought-provoking exploration of how agencies are reinventing themselves by developing new services, reconfiguring their business models and exploring new revenue and compensation models in the new digitally enabled, multichannel marketing environment of 2015 and beyond.

Together, we’ll look at the key dimensions of agency transformation, including:

  • Making content strategy the centerpiece of brand strategy
  • Embracing open-source resources beyond your four walls
  • Making the transition to adaptive marketing
  • Embracing all four “P’s” of marketing – not just Promotion.

What You Can Expect from This Webinar
This webinar will show agency professionals how to spend less time in “yesterday” and more time in “tomorrow” by identifying and implementing key transformational initiatives that will make their agencies much more valuable to today’s demanding marketers.

6. The Power of Pricing Options

Pricing experts and behavioral economists know that buyers want the opportunity to evaluate different benefit features along with value and cost trade-offs prior to finalizing a purchase decision. Industry pricing and negotiating experts will discuss the importance of providing clients with a range of service, benefit and price options for all significant proposals.

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