Curious about how media & data are impacting your clients’ business? Interested in owning your career and gaining confidence for your next meeting? This summer, serve up the trends in media & data with a learning track playlist curated by Kathleen Brookbanks, COO of Hearts & Science.

From social media, AR and VR to programmatic, analytics and digital optimization, these learning opportunities will offer you the knowledge you need to deliver the best strategies for your clients business.

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1. Programmatic 101

Programmatic is having a profound effect on digital media buying, replacing manual processes and allowing for an efficiency not previously achievable for advertisers. It allows brands to tap into insights and technologies that help them reach their best prospects at the right time and place. It may be the most powerful weapon brand advertisers have available to them as they attempt to conquer the massively expanding media landscape. Programmatic buying enables buyers to target advertising across every digital channel, device and screen. It is the fastest growing method of buying digital media, based on the strength of two key capabilities: automation and data. Automation, through the use of software, replaces many of the time-consuming tasks that used to keep media buyers working late into the night, and is driven by valuable data that can be used to reveal in-market consumers in real time, close to the moment of shopping intent. Both the data itself and the software used to analyze it enable ad-buying decision making from extremely complex information about audiences and their behaviors. Programmatic is now moving into traditional advertising media, like TV, radio and OOH.
What You Will Learn:

  • What exactly is a programmatic ad-buying platform?
  • Which advertising challenges does programmatic address?
  • Why programmatic buying rules?
  • How programmatic works?
  • Myths and realities.

2. Rules of the Road for Social Media

This webinar will review the current status of the social media world, looking back at major campaigns and issues from the past year. It will further discuss some of the key intellectual property issues raised by social media, including trademark, copyright, and rights of privacy and publicity. Other topics will include: the rise of social media “war rooms”; the role legal plays in reacting to issues raised in “real time” surrounding social media and tent-pole events, as well as legal versus practical risks; corporate communications versus advertising; and how the First Amendment applies to corporate social media speech.
What You Will Learn:

  • Dealing with offensive or inappropriate content
  • Copyright or trademark infringement
  • Third party platform/media services terms of use and policies
  • Infringement responsibility: publisher, marketer, or agency?
  • Impersonators and other infringing material
  • Influencers––endorsements & testimonials and disclosure requirements
  • Native advertising
  • Talent compensation––commercial versus content.

3. Taking Digital Optimization to the Next Level

Everybody builds digital experiences, but are you doing it well? Join Gary Angel, formerly leader of Ernst & Young’s Digital Analytics practice and a twenty year veteran in analytics and digital optimization for a deep exploration of techniques for driving continuous improvement in digital experience with analytics.
What You Will Learn:

  • The proper use of Voice of Customer (VOC) in testing
  • How behavioral segmentation creates a framework for continuous improvement
  • How analytics and organizational change should be considered in developing formal methodologies for continuous improvement

4. Current and Future Possibilities with Augmented and Virtual Reality

Augmented reality (AR) and virtual reality (VR) are captivating people in imaginative ways. This past summer, Pokémon Go featured a novel use of AR that helped propel it past the 500 million download milestone. Meanwhile, this November, Sony is launching PlayStation VR which should provide the most scale yet for high-end headsets. By 2020, the worldwide market for VR could reach anywhere from $10 billion to $70 billion, and worldwide AR revenues could reach as high as $90 billion in that time, according to estimates tracked by eMarketer. Deutsche Bank predicts that the number of VR users could skyrocket from 23 million to 155 million between 2016 and 2020. As AR and VR further blend, leading to the new term “mixed reality” to cover the intersection of the two, marketers will need to learn how to keep their brands relevant with new technologies.
What You Will Learn:

  • What are the differences among all these new twists on reality?
  • What are the major platforms and players that marketers should place early bets on?
  • What are the immediate opportunities for scale and impact?
  • How do marketers ‘buy’ AR and VR? Are there ad networks or other more traditional ways to access such inventory?
  • What are the biggest challenges that marketers can expect when advertising in AR and VR, and creating branded experiences?
  • How can marketers measure success?

5. Leveraging Data and Analytics

MPF members are interested in learning about data management platforms, software tools and analytics service providers that can complement their agency’s analytics service offering to clients. The MPF audience is interested in the current state-of-the-art and they want to know how their agency can take advantage of the rapidly evolving marketing data and analytics targeting and measurement capabilities.
Discussion of analytics services will include:

  • Social Analytics
  • Web Analytics
  • Attribution
  • Reporting/Aggregation

6. What Social Media Means for You Today and Tomorrow

2.3 billion people globally use social platforms, a number that continues to grow. Social media has evolved from marketing’s bright shiny object to a crucial and integrated layer of all successful marketing programs.
The social platforms consumers use have changed as mobile devices get ever more powerful, and technologies such as live streaming become ubiquitous.
So which are the crucial platforms to use now? Who is doing it best? How do you measure success and collect the data that matters? Work with influencers? And achieve all of this while staying ahead of what will work tomorrow.
This interactive session will answer your questions and leave you inspired to continue the evolution of your social media marketing efforts.

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