According to eMarketer, “data suggest programmatic will grow about 50% to $14.88 billion in 2015, or 55% of total digital display ad outlay”.

It’s no surprise programmatic has emerged as a topic of great interest within the industry. You’ll find all the 4A’s most recent information here.

Artificial Intelligence and the ‘Hive Mind’

Imagine a “Hive Mind” that amplifies the knowledge, wisdom, and intuitions of human populations, creating an “Artificial Expert” that can answer questions, make predictions, and generate insights that are far more accurate than the individuals could produce on their own.

The Future of Digital Advertising Is About Aligning With Your Consumer

4A's Member

Written piece by Tim Sims, SVP of Inventory Partnerships at The Trade Desk regarding the future of digital advertising.

A Guaranteed Opportunity in Programmatic Advertising |

Research Services

This global report from BCG and commissioned by Google focuses on the programmatic guaranteed ad buying process.

Marketing 2027 |

Research Services

Mediamath predicts how programmatic marketing will evolve over the next ten years.

The Future of Tech is People Powered: How to Grow with the Revolution

Third Party Content

The Trade Desk’s Meredith Hall delivers an Op-Ed on developing talent to face the future of tech.

The Trade Desk – Trading Academy – Testimonials

In this video, you’ll hear from graduates of The Trading Academy certification program, which provides agencies foundational knowledge of programmatic and the associated digital media landscape.