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Reinventing Culture & Talent During and After COVID-19

We’re all adapting to change at an unprecedented pace. The new world of distributed work is testing the limits not only of our technical infrastructure but also of our cultural norms and workplace strategies and structures. Traditional norms around schedules, meetings, dress codes, and interruptions are being turned on their head.

How should our organizations strategize through these shifts?
How do we adapt our practices to lead, learn, and operate in a distributed way?
What does it mean to have an engaged workforce?
What does “work-place culture” mean today?
How do we prepare for the “return to work”?

How do we ensure that the “human” is at the center of our ongoing digital transformation?

As we address these questions, we’re also thinking about the impact of our new reality on our industry’s efforts around diversity and equity—and how we’ll ensure our industry remains accessible and exciting to future generations.

Join us for a series of conversations with leading Human Resources, Talent, Learning & Development, and Diversity executives with extensive experience leading our industry. Together, we’ll define the digital work world and help ensure everyone’s place in its future.


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BLM for Marketers

Join Jennifer Clarke, Rodney Collins, and Simon Fenwick as they discuss recent research conducted in the US and UK around Black Lives Matter Allyship for marketers. The research weighed in on who is doing the best job, and what brands need to keep up with the rapidly shifting current of our social landscape. Two pointy questions were asked; Are there Black people in decision-making positions where you work? and Are the Black people in your place of work safe? Tune in to learn the results.

Rodney Collins, PHD, SVP, Director, McCann Worldgroup Truth Central
Jennifer Clarke, Brand Experience Strategist, Insights Lead, The Current
Simon Fenwick (Moderator), Executive Vice President, 4A’s



Three Leaders: One Role

September 17, 2020

In this conversation, Singleton Beato, Keesha Jean-Baptiste, and Simon Fenwick will take a look back at how the role of Talent, Equity and Inclusion at the 4A’s has evolved, what the role of the 4A’s foundation and 4A’s plays in the talent landscape and where the most impact can come from. Hear from Singleton and Keesha about their journey to leading Talent and Diversity for two of the largest organizations in their sectors, McCann Worldgroup and Hearst Magazines, what they think needs to change and how we can galvanize around that change.

Singleton Beato, Global Chief Diversity & Engagement Officer, McCann Worldgroup
Keesha Jean-Baptiste, Senior Vice President, Chief Talent Officer, Hearst Magazines
Simon Fenwick (Moderator), Executive Vice President, 4A’s




The Challenges of Diversity & Inclusion: The Independent Agency Perspective

August 11, 2020

Join Shayna Walker, Meagan Richards, and Reema Elghossain as they discuss the impact current events have had on the advertising industry, and how independent agencies are responding to the calls for action. Hear Shayna Walker and Meagan Richards talk about the unique challenges and opportunities of being in D&I in an independent agency, and how every aspect of the people operations is impacted by the need for an increasingly diverse population.


Shayna Walker, Director, Diversity and Inclusion & Campus Recruiting, Horizon Media
Meagan Richards, Coordinator, Diversity and Inclusion & Campus Recruiting, Horizon Media
Reema Elghossain, Vice President, 4A’s Foundation



MAIP in Action

August 4, 2020

Kristina Monllos, Marketing Editor at Digiday sits down with Reema Elghossain Vice President of the 4A’s Foundation, and two 2020 MAIP VEP Fellows, Jeturi Brown, and Semsarah Faustin to discuss the MAIP VEP program, to learn about their experience with the virtual program. How they built relationships, gained knowledge, and what takeaways they have. Hear from the next generation of BIPOC talent, what their expectations are as they enter the industry, how recent events have shaped their perspective of corporate America.

Semsarah Faustin, MAIP 2020 Fellow, Strategy
Jeturi Brown, MAIP 2020 Fellow, Strategy
Reema Elghossain, Vice President, 4A’s Foundation
Kristina Monllos (Moderator), Marketing Editor, Digiday




Psychological safety and the impact current events have had on organizations

July 21, 2020

Over the past month, we have all witnessed the killing of unarmed Black men, the country is standing up and saying “enough” Black Lives Matter. 2020 has been a year of challenges, Simon Fenwick sits down with Jason Rosario and talks about the importance of psychological safety, and how teams can come together, feel safe, take risks and feel vulnerable with one another. How our organizations can navigate doing the right thing while avoiding backlash and a cancel culture, and what all this means to the mental wellbeing of your Black talent.

Jason Rosario, Founder & Creative Director, The Lives of Men
Simon Fenwick (Moderator), EVP–Talent, Equity & Inclusion, 4A’s




Accountability & Impact, the role of HR/Talent in setting higher standards

July 16, 2020

As Talent Leaders, our influence on organizations, people, and structures is great, and so, therefore our responsibility. As influencers it is no longer ok for us to maintain the status quo, we must commit to being anti-racist and advocates for change, even when it means standing firm and making the hard decisions. Our leaders need our guidance and opinion more than ever before, we need to ensure our workplaces have a more equitable, shared power dynamic. It is up to us to drive belonging and justice for all, not just focus on diversity as a number. Barb Rozman-Stokes and Simon Fenwick will discuss how Talent leaders can “Take the lead” and drive a more deliberate, immediate, and transformative industry with equity at its core.

 Barb Rozman-Stokes, Chief Talent Officer, Campbell Ewald
Simon Fenwick (Moderator), EVP–Talent, Equity & Inclusion, 4A’s




What’s the role of the LGBTQI+ community in changing diversity initiatives in the agency world

June 29, 2020

There is so much going on the world right now, it is easy to forget that it is Pride month. The LGBTQI+ plays an important role in forming culture and leading change. The intersectionality between the Black Lives Matter movement and the Gay movement is intrinsically linked. In this discussion, Brian Vaught, Graham Nolan, and Simon Fenwick will talk about the role the LGBTQI+ ERGs play in changing and driving diversity initiatives both past, present, and future.

Graham Nolan, PR Consultant and Co-Chair, Storytelling & Partnerships, Do The WeRQ
Brian Vaught, SVP – Talent Inclusion, Publicis Media US
 Ash Ramirez, Engagement & Inclusion Manager, Droga5
Simon Fenwick (Moderator), EVP–Talent, Equity & Inclusion, 4A’s



Virtual Culture of Inclusion & Belonging: Communication and bias behind virtual walls

June 23, 2020

Covid-19 and the recent killings of unarmed black people have magnified the racial inequities within the black community. The most asked question in the industry is “What are actionable solutions to fix the issue?” This may be a complex question, but we do know that allyship has proven to be the most beneficial avenue when beginning to tackle this issue. We will discuss allyship as well as bias and proper communication with Natasha Bowman, President, and CEO of ReNew Performance.

Natasha Bowman, Principal Performance Renew, Performance Renew
Simon Fenwick (Moderator), EVP–Talent, Equity & Inclusion, 4A’s