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4A’s Management Practitioners Forum Sessions: Ad Age 2018 Small Agency Conference

The following presentations took place at the Ad Age 2018 Small Agency Conference, July 17th and 18th, in Marina Del Rey, Calif.  

Marketing Agency Growth Report

Research Services

Agencies around the world share their growth challenges in this report from Hubspot.

Agency of the Year 2018

Research Services

Medialeader and Communicate, in association with Ad Age, have released the winners of the top creative agencies, media agencies, and campaigns in the the Middle East. The rankings are based on awards won at Cannes Lions, Dubai Lynx, Effie Awards and Festival of Media. Also, check out the separate ranking for the People’s Choice Awards.

2018 Creative Report Card

Research Services

Strategy tracks and tallies the awards won by agencies, advertisers and creatives in Canada, and identifies the winners in this report. Rankings are provided for agencies, brands, creative directors, art directors, copywriters, and planners.

Marketing Trends Report

Research Services

Agency Spotter’s annual report highlights agency search trends.

Video Seminar: Pricing as a Discipline and Proposal Writing for Marketing Services

This presentation was delivered to the 4A’s Large Agency & Media Finance Committees on October 26, 2017 by Rick Brook, SVP, Global Client Operations at WPP. 

When Agencies Practice What They Tweet, Or Not

Research Services

Is Twitter a good self-promotional tool for agencies? Some agencies have multiple Twitter accounts and use it to leverage their creativity, culture and content capabilities. While some agencies shun it completely.

Ad Agency New Business is Harder Because One Key Ingredient is Lacking

Research Services

Michael Gass, a business development consultant, explores why positioning is the foundation of any agency’s new business program.

How to Craft an Agency PR Plan That Drives New Business

Research Services

Don Beehler of ABC&D Communications discusses ways ad agencies can develop a PR plan that generates awareness, compliments new business initiatives, and enhances new business opportunities.

The Best Advertising Agency Website

Research Services

Peter Levitan, agency new business consultant, weighs-in on how to keep your agency website visitor engaged since you only have eight seconds to do it.

Defining Moments in Agency History | The Worst Agency Receptionist Job EVER

Research Services

Become the most interesting person at your next agency happy hour by reading this short history of agency names from Marsha Appel, SVP Research Services.

Agency New Business Thought Leader Survey Report

Read agency executives’ perspectives on a variety of new business topics in this RSW/US report.

How to Differentiate Your Agency by Applying a Planning Approach

Research Services

Fern Miller of DigitasLBi provides pointers on how to differentiate an agency brand. The key takeaways are: “Be useful. Be different. Be consistent.”

Four Ad Agency Podcasts to Check Out

Research Services

Digiday reports that ad agencies have caught podcasting fever. Learn about four compelling agency podcasts that are good examples of innovative thought leadership.

How to Prosper in the Era of Hyper-Competition

Research Services

Agencies are facing increasing competition from consulting firms, talent agencies, in-house services, and media and production companies. Tim Williams of Ignition Consulting Group provides strategies for rethinking your agency’s business model and positioning.