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Project Management

You, our Project Manager, you are a doer. You make stuff happen. Crossing T’s and dotting I’s is your thing. You’re a worker, it’s in your bones, and you don’t stop until all parties are happy.

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Project-by-Project Do’s & Don’ts | Agency Best Practice Guidance

As the project-by-project model becomes more & more prevalent in our industry, our Business Intelligence & Insight team penned a guidance report to best navigate the new world order.

MPF 2019 Managing & Optimizing PxP (Project by Project) Relationships

Five agency leaders discuss varying models of project management in agencies.

Assorted Resources for Project Management

4A’s Mastering Agency Relationships

Marketers can master agency relationships with several critical skills. Bruno Gralpois of Agency Mania Solutions details the many hats marketers must wear to do so.

4A’s Relationship Management Best Practices Guidance

A playbook to help you get your client relationships off to a good start and stay on track.

Avoid Deadly Scopes of Work

Read how to improve work quality, efficiency, and transparency while sidestepping common issues.

Agency Job Descriptions

The 4A’s maintains a large collection of standardized agency job descriptions, representing roles common within our industry.

To better find the right talent to fill key agency positions, the 4A’s makes available to our members detailed agency job descriptions, organized by department/discipline. These descriptions have been compiled from actual member employment offerings, and have been modified to remove specific organizational references.

We also have additional job descriptions beyond those posted here. For additional information or requests for sample job descriptions, please contact the 4A’s Business Intelligence & Insight team at [email protected].

4A’s Member Discounts & Exclusive Offers

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The members-only program provides access to exclusive offers and benefits on leading products and services that support your daily business needs.

Whether you need information & resources for a new business pitch, data for a campaign, more office space, or tickets to a hot industry event, you’ll want to check out AAP first.

AAP is a one-stop shop for valuable offers from a broad, carefully selected array of partners, spanning categories like:

  • Market Research
  • Media Research
  • New Business Support
  • Workforce Support
  • Real Estate
  • Industry Events

And the list is growing daily.

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Project Management Committee

The mission of the 4A’s Project Management Committee is:

  • To better understand the Project Management (PM) discipline as it operates in agencies today by developing an overall definition of PM and creating job descriptions for the function.
  • To gather and/or develop information that may be provided to member agencies to assist them in their understanding of PM.
  • To share information amongst the roundtable members that will help them in their day-to-day PM responsibilities.
  • To elevate the role of project management in the industry.

For more information, contact Sal Conte.

The 4A’s oversees 30+ committees across all industry disciplines, from Professional & Organizational Development to Human Resources to Project Management and everything in between. These committees meet nationally & regionally. In addition to meeting to discuss their business interests, 4A’s committee members help program regional & national events, author industry guidance, and provide their expertise to other members. Learn more here.