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Accounts In Review – 2013 Year End

The 4A’s provides major consultants with the opportunity to provide input for the 4A’s year in review report. It should be noted that consultant information may be under-reported due to NDA agreement term limitations or as a matter of consultant’s policy not to publicly confirm or identify certain client engagement information.

Patent Guidance Recommendation: Digital Functions, Patent Liability, and the “Wayback Machine”

Recent agency experiences with patent assertion matters have led the 4A’s to offer the following downloadable document outlining specific recommendations.

Agency Best Practices – Project-Based Assignments

For an outline of topics relating to agency best practices on various project-based assignments, please refer to the the following overview.

Web Functionality Software and Tools: Patent Infringement Risk Management

For information on patent infringement risk management, and how it can impact agencies, please refer to the following downloadable 4A’s white paper

Agency Search “To-Do” List: Start by Aligning Marketing Resources and Expectations

Management Services

The 4A’s Issues an “Agency Search To-Do List” That Addresses Agency-Marketer Relationship Fundamentals Agency business leaders and 4A’s business development committee members have reported that the level of marketing preparation and agency search/new business activity is on the rise. To help plan for and take advantage of accelerating momentum, the 4A’s recommends that marketing executives […]

Agency Compensation: 4A’s Agency Compensation Transformation Doctrine-Strategic Pillars

Seventeenth in a series of position papers addressing key industry issues, this white paper focuses on the issues agencies are facing in regards to intense client pressure on compensation.

ANA/4A’s Procurement Survey Final Report | “Procurement: The Good, the Bad and the Ugly”

In order to take the pulse of the industry on the current state of marketing procurement, the ANA, in partnership with the 4A’s, conducted a survey to measure practices and perceptions among professionals in three functional areas: procurement/sourcing, marketing/marketing services, and agencies. The survey was conducted online during March 2010 among a total sample of 225 respondents.

The 4A’s Compensation Dialogue Process

The 4A’s outlines a logical, bi-partisan process for evolving dialogue between marketer and agency that can add credibility to compensation discussions, demystify compensation parameters and restore confidence in working relationships between marketers and their agencies.

4A’s MSA Guidance: Software and Software Tools – Ownership and Use Contracting Considerations When Creating Digital, Online and Mobile Content

Sixteenth in a series of position papers addressing key industry issues, this 4A’s position paper addresses the ownership of, and contracting considerations related to, software and software tools.