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Building Agency Reputation

The 4A’s has a number of ways to help add visibility to the great things happening at your agency. Whether it’s a new hire or executive promotion, a fresh approach or a creative award, a client case study, insightful thought leadership, or just cool happenings at your office, you can share it with the 4A’s community.

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Visibility for Your Agency

We’ve made it easy for you submit your news releases, thought leadership, and creative work. The work gets featured across on our News & Views section, the 4A’s website homepage, and may be promoted across other 4A’s channels.

Written Submissions

Q&A Pieces

We want to hear from member agency CEOs, creative leaders, strategists, media execs, futurists and new business gurus to answer the same five questions. We’ll present these in articles titled “Five Questions For [Company]’s [Role of person answering Q&A].” Your answers could be succinct, serious or playful. All that is required: you have to submit a headshot or candid photo of the respondent.

  1. What’s the biggest challenge or opportunity facing the ad industry right now?
  2. What is the single most significant change you need to make in your agency in the next 12 months?
  3. What products/services/unique skills do ad agencies offer that guarantee the industry’s survival for another 100 years?
  4. What attributes do you look for in your next generation of leaders/managers?
  5. If you weren’t working in advertising, what would you be doing as a career?

          Specifications and guidelines for submitting content can be found here

          Agency News

          Just as it sounds, this is any news you’d like to share about your agency. Send us your press releases and news items and we’ll post them to our site.

          Specifications and guidelines for submitting content can be found here

          Multimedia Submissions

          Agency Office & Culture Videos

          Proud of your space, company culture and corporate values? Send us a short video that gives viewers a look at what makes your office unique.

          Specifications and guidelines for submitting content can be found here

          Inside the Campaign

          We want to showcase your great creative work, and take a look at how it all came together. Tell us about the objective, strategy and the team responsible for a standout piece of work your agency created.

          Specifications and guidelines for submitting content can be found here

          #ICYMI – The 4A’s monthly member newsletter

          Our monthly In Case You Missed It member newsletter features popular content that’s appeared on the 4A’s website over the previous month, along with details on 4A’s initiatives, partner news and more. Find the March 2020 edition here. The best way to be featured is to “Tell Us Your Story.”

          4A’s SmartBrief

          The 4A’s has its own co-branded newsletter, in partnership with SmartBrief, which aggregates news content determined to be of interest to our subscribers from a host of reputable media outlets and ad trades. As part of our relationship, we have the ability to submit relevant third-party news articles on behalf of our members for the consideration of the SmartBrief editorial team. If you have a great piece of press that you’d like to share for their consideration, send it our way. Just please know that inclusion in the newsletter is at the discretion of the SmartBrief team.

          For more information or to submit, please contact Carly Wengrover.

          Social Media Promotion

          While we’re actively stalking our member’s social media pages for news we can re-post and re-tweet, we’re also happy to take direct submissions. If you have something you’d like us to share across our Facebook/Instagram, Twitter, or LinkedIn channels, just send us your preferred copy and visual assets and we’ll post them on your behalf.

          For social promotion, please contact Carly Wengrover.

          4A’s Conferences & Events

          4A’s events also serve as an excellent opportunity for agency executives to participate and share relevant thought leadership and insight across a number of topics. Speaker submission details can be found on each of the respective event websites. Please note that in the wake of the COVID-19 crisis, many of these dates are subject to change.

          Events include:

          Agency Communications In Focus Webinar Series

          A monthly webinar series featuring members of the 4A’s Agency Communications Committee and select guest stars, designed for all agency communications and PR leaders. Find more information here.


          A one-day conference that looks at the technological innovations impacting advertising. Read the recap about the 2019 CreateTech here.

          Decisions 2021

          4A’s Decisions 2021 brings our industry together for two days in a virtual environment to explore what’s changing today and what’s looming tomorrow. To discuss, debate, and collaborate on real solutions. To trade innovative, transformational ideas you can use immediately. Please find up-to-date information here. Get ready for Decisions 2022 in February 2022!

          MAIP Summit

          For over four decades, MAIP has been the industry leader in accomplishing this mission. Unmatched in size and scale, MAIP has evolved into a professional development program and network. Visit the 4A’s Foundation for more information.

          Management Practitioners Forum (MPF)

          4A’s Management Practitioners Forum (MPF) features mission-critical topics, speakers who share practical solutions, and a forum environment that encourages open discussion. MPF participants are entrepreneurs, agency operations management and principals…a smart, vested and action-oriented group of thinkers and doers who will provide guidance, share proven solutions and suggestions on topics that challenge agency leaders in their day – to – day operations. Find up-to-date information here.


          The event for agency strategists and planners to explore the evolving connection between brands and consumers, and presentation venue for the annual Jay Chiat Awards for strategic excellence. Find up-to-date information and news here.

          Other events are always evolving. Please visit our events homepage for the latest news.

          Agency Job Descriptions

          The 4A’s maintains a large collection of standardized agency job descriptions, representing roles common within our industry.

          To better find the right talent to fill key agency positions, the 4A’s makes available to our members detailed agency job descriptions, organized by department/discipline. These descriptions have been compiled from actual member employment offerings, and have been modified to remove specific organizational references.

          We also have additional job descriptions beyond those posted here. For additional information or requests for sample job descriptions, please contact the 4A’s Management Services team at [email protected].

          4A’s Member Discounts & Exclusive Offers

          AAP Logo

          The members-only program provides access to exclusive offers and benefits on leading products and services that support your daily business needs.

          Whether you need information & resources for a new business pitch, data for a campaign, more office space, or tickets to a hot industry event, you’ll want to check out AAP first.

          AAP is a one-stop shop for valuable offers from a broad, carefully selected array of partners, spanning categories like:

          And the list is growing daily.

          Join the Member Community

          Agency Communications Committee

          The 4A’s Agency Communications Committee is primarily made up of external and internal PR leaders at 4A’s member agencies. As the industry has changed, committee members are increasingly involved with social media and establishing strong brand identities for their agencies with potential clients. The goal of the committee is to provide networking and sharing of ideas and best practices through in-person meetings that include speakers from the national media. Every two years, the committee hosts a national event on the state of advertising and industry trends targeted specifically to advertising communications professionals.

          Please reach out to Carly Wengrover to learn how to get involved.

          Member Committees

          The 4A’s oversees 30+ committees across all industry disciplines, from Professional & Organizational Development to Human Resources to Project Management and everything in between; these committees meet nationally & regionally. In addition to meeting to discuss their business interests, 4A’s committee members help program regional & national events, author industry guidance, and provide their expertise to other members. Learn more here.