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New Business

Think of us as your partner for business. Get a boost from us with guidance papers, industry data, and webinars and tips from subject matter experts to help fine tune your new business efforts. We’ve compiled a list of resources and links to get you started.

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Your Agency Profile

We’ve auto-populated your agency profile with the basics so that you appear on 4A’s Agency Search, the leading industry source for new business information.

We recommend adding further details to your listing by emailing Helen Miranda to establish an agency administrative point person.

Five New Business Resources to Get Started With

One Piece of Advice From Search Consultants 2020

We asked industry leading agency search consultants to provide new business suggestions for agencies.

4A’s New Business Activities & Resources Survey Report

Mission critical guidance and benchmarks relating to new business activities (Prospecting, RFI’s, RFP’s, Finalist presentations, Win Rates and Revenue Targets), resources and opportunities.

Best Practices for Agency Search Agreements (New Business NDA’s)

Best practices for obtaining formal agreements (AKA New Business NDA’s) between an agency and a prospective client during the marketer’s search for an agency or a marketer’s request for proposal.

4A’s Agency Prospect Assessment Guidance

The 4A’s New Business Committee has developed new guidance to help facilitate more consistent and efficient implementation of longstanding 4A’s guidance regarding the appropriate level of thoughtful consideration and discussion prior to engaging in a review.

Optimize Your Review Process

The ANA/4A’s Agency Reviews for Project Work Guidance Considerations provides clients and agencies with principles to help optimize the review process for project assignments.

Earlier white papers, which primarily relate to retainer/AOR reviews, include the ANA/4A’s Guidelines for Agency Search and the ANA/4A’s Agency Selection Briefing Guidance Considerations are helpful tools for your agency to share with client prospects at the beginning of a review.

Agency Compensation Guidance

The Power of Pricing Options

This webinar, featuring Tim Williams of Ignition Consulting, provides information on a new way to think about pricing agency services.

Pricing as a Discipline and Proposal Writing for Marketing Services

Rick Brook, SVP, Global Client Operations at WPP builds on the guidance offered by Tim Williams and suggests new ways to think about pricing.

The Art of Negotiation

Brett Colbert (Colbert Group Consulting) has been a procurement officer on both the client side and the agency side and knows the ins and outs of negotiation.

MSA Guidance

Agency operations are changing in concert with the rapidly evolving technology and accelerating client marketing expectations. The 4A’s Agency-Client MSA Provision Guidance Series includes insights on agency-client agreement provisions

New Business Webinars

Enjoy reports and presentations from industry leaders at upcoming 4A’s events or review our latest webinars. Some favorites include:

Confessions of a Search Consultant

This presentation was delivered by Ann Billock from Ark Advisors to the 4A’s National New Business Committee in May 2019.

Our World in Transformation

This presentation was delivered by Catherine Bension of SRI to the 4A’s Western Region New Business Committee in June 2019.

What’s Going On? What’s Working?

This presentation was delivered by Mike Palma of the Palma Group to the 4A’s Southern Region New Business Committee on October 2019.

Top Ten Things I’ve Learned in Thirty Years of New Business Fun

This presentation was delivered by Diane Fannon of the Richards Group to the 4A’s Southern Region New Business Committee on June 2019.

Critical New Business Decisions and Lessons Learned

In this November 2015 webinar, former new business committee member Mark Goldstein shared his perspective on the critical decisions that determine how successful you’ll be in new business—and why most agencies neglect making the right calls.

Professional and Organizational Development

The 4A’s POD team offers a variety of opportunities across all levels of industry employees, from entry-level to C-Suite.

Improve your skills by exploring the Account Management, Business Development, and Leadership tracks with the 4A’s Professional & Organizational Development offerings.

In the wake of the unprecedented COVID-19 crisis, we have assembled a series of webinars to ensure you and your staff are secure in new work-from-home scenarios.

Increase Your Agency Visibility

Through membership, agencies gain a seat at the table and have a voice in setting our industry agenda. There are opportunities to demonstrate thought leadership and get recognition on the national stage.

It’s part of our mission to help elevate our members’ news and creativity. We’re always looking for content submissions that showcase agency culture, thought leadership and creative work.

Learn about about content submission.

Research Services

If you have a pitch and want some fresh insights, instantly expand your research capabilities when you tap into the 4A’ s research team.

Submit a Research Request to receive customized research reports when you need them.

Plus, you now have access to our five (5) custom databases providing consumer demographic data, category analysis, spending intel, creative campaigns and ideation tools.

Custom Consultations

We provide guidance across core business, new business and emerging agency practices, including agency management and finance, media services, data & analytics digital technology, operations and more.

The Interchange

Interchanges are a great resource for any size agency, as they allow members to receive anonymous peer input on an issue, challenge, or question an agency is facing. Any 4A’s member can ask a question to be sent out as an anonymous survey to one or more of our media committees. We allow at least one week for responses to come back and then issue the responses after the agreed-upon end date. A member may anonymously survey any one of our committees (to see the list of committees, please visit our member community guide).

If you would like an interchange to be sent out on your behalf, please email [email protected].

Business Intelligence & Insight Team Help

The team will advise members on questions they have and provide consultative advice as appropriate. If you have any questions, please reach out to the Business Intelligence & Insight at [email protected].

4A’s Member Discounts & Exclusive Offers

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The members-only program provides access to exclusive offers and benefits on leading products and services that support your daily business needs.

Whether you need information & resources for a new business pitch, data for a campaign, more office space, or tickets to a hot industry event, you’ll want to check out AAP first.

AAP is a one-stop shop for valuable offers from a broad, carefully selected array of partners, spanning categories like:

And the list is growing daily.

Join the Member Community

New Business Committees (Small & Midsize, Large, and Regional)

The New Business Committee mission is to be the preeminent source for information and education about new business by:

In the context of a competitive marketplace, the committee will work together to improve the value of agency services and our clients’ appreciation of that value. Please reach out to Matt Kasindorf to learn more and join.

Member Committees

The 4A’s oversees 30+ committees across all industry disciplines, from Professional & Organizational Development to Human Resources to Project Management and everything in between; these committees meet nationally & regionally. In addition to meeting to discuss their business interests, 4A’s committee members help program regional & national events, author industry guidance, and provide their expertise to other members. Learn more here.