Talent Talk: MAIP in Action

4A's Talent Talk logoAugust 4, 2020

Kristina Monllose, Marketing Editor at Digiday sits down with Reema Elghossain Vice President of the 4A’s Foundation, and two 2020 MAIP VEP Fellows, Jeturi Brown, and Semsarah Faustin to discuss the MAIP VEP program, to learn about their experience with the virtual program. How they built relationships, gained knowledge, and what takeaways they have. Hear from the next generation of BIPOC talent, what their expectations are as they enter the industry, how recent events have shaped their perspective of corporate America. 

Semsarah Faustin, MAIP 2020 Fellow, Strategy
Jeturi Brown, MAIP 2020 Fellow, Strategy
Reema Elghossain, Vice President, 4A’s Foundation
Kristina Monllose (Moderator), Marketing Editor, Digiday