Talent Talk: Three Leaders- One Role

4A's Talent Talk logoSeptember 17, 2020

Three Leaders: One Role 

In this conversation, Singleton Beato, Keesha Jean-Baptiste, and Simon Fenwick will take a look back at how the role of Talent, Equity and Inclusion at the 4A’s has evolved, what the role of the 4A’s foundation and 4A’s plays in the talent landscape and where the most impact can come from. Hear from Singleton and Keesha about their journey to leading Talent and Diversity for two of the largest organizations in their sectors, McCann Worldgroup and Hearst Magazines, what they think needs to change and how we can galvanize around that change.

Singleton Beato, Global Chief Diversity & Engagement Officer, McCann Worldgroup
Keesha Jean-Baptiste, Senior Vice President, Chief Talent Officer, Hearst Magazines
Simon Fenwick (Moderator), Executive Vice President, 4A’s