Marketing to Millennials in 2019

Research Services

Clever Real Estate provides insights into Millennial media habits, as well as ways to connect with them over digital channels, in its newest survey results.

4A’s Joins Advertising Trades To Oppose An Opt-In Requirement for the CCPA Versus The Current Opt-Out Requirement

The 4A’s and other advertising trade groups oppose overarching opt-in consent requirements in the CCPA. Read the comments now.

Public Sentiment Towards Facebook Data Collection, Privacy, and Online Marketing in 2019

Research Services

Clever Real Estate surveyed Americans about their feelings towards online advertising, privacy, and data collection.

Annual Report of the Grocery Industry

Research Services

Progressive Grocer’s annual report surveys retail executives about the state of the retail food industry.

Rethinking Agency Performance

Indexing agency value to drive more effective use of talent, improving performance and ROI.  The AMS Value Index helps define value to help rethink agency performance.

$500 off New Biz Materials Audit from The Sutter Company

The Sutter Company

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Over 30 Million Americans Have Never Paid for Traditional TV Service

Research Services

GfK MRI examines reasons behind Cord Nevers now paying for traditional and/or streaming TV services.

Taking Stock with Teens

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Piper Jaffray releases its semi-annual report featuring teen shopping behaviors, spending patterns, and top fashion & beauty and restaurant brands.

Futureproofing Media Client-Agency Partnerships

Third Party Content

By Robert Rakowitz, Global Media Director, Mars Inc. The other day, I was invited onto a panel at the 4As Decisions 2020 to discuss “How Collaboration Gets Results.” Along with other colleagues, I was asked to present a client view on how media is evolving on the advertiser-side and what this means for media agencies. […]

New From 4A’s Guidance: 4A’s Relationship Management Best Practices Guidance

Considering the time, energy and expense marketers spend conducting reviews—and that agencies spend on developing new business—it’s critical for both partners to ensure a long and fruitful relationship. Having a powerful relationship-management program can help you get your relationship off to a good start and stay on track. Relationship management is how you keep winning […]

20% off Your First Project with Company B

Company B

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$200 in Free Credit with DigitalOcean

Digital Ocean

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