Holiday Snapshot | Black Friday 2019

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Fiserv reveals how retailers fared during this year’s Black Friday event.

5 Consumer Trends for 2020 |

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Trendwatching shares five consumer trends for 2020 and how brands are embracing them.

The Pet Effect | 2019 Holiday Shopping Report

Research Services surveys pet owners on their shopping and spending habits for their pets during the holidays.

Programmatic Ad Spend to Exceed $100 Billion for the First Time in 2019 |

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Zenith provides forecasts for global programmatic ad spend and predicts top challenges programmatic faces in the new year.

4A’s StratFest 2019 The Brilliant Idea Workshop

Ed Cotton, Strategy Consultant Understanding the efforts behind brilliant ideas may help us help create them. < Return to event index

15% Discount On COMvergence Products And Services |

The 4A’s is excited to offer you 15% discount on COMvergence products and services. For 4A’s Members Only

Consumer Trends 2030 |

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Mintel’s trend experts identify and analyze seven key consumer trends that will influence industries and markets around the world over the next ten years.

How to Create an Effective Video Ad for Every Stage of the Customer Journey |

Third Party Content

Think with Google studied thousands of skippable ads across 11 verticals around the world to better understand how creative elements influence brand metrics. The findings helped them develop effective guidelines when creating or adapting a YouTube ad. These guidelines are called “Attract, Brand, Connect, Direct.” See how the ABCDs of YouTube advertising can work for you.

How Brands Prioritize Getting Better Work and More Value From Their Agencies at Every Stage of Their Fiscal Calendar |

Integrate demands into the partnership lifecycle to better weather the current business environment.  Find out how from Agency Mania Solutions.  

Holiday Outlook 2019

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The Consumer Technology Association provides insights into the top consumer electronics gifts for this holiday season, as well as holiday shopping behaviors.

Taking Stock with Teens |

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Piper Jaffray releases its semi-annual report featuring teen shopping behaviors, spending patterns, and top fashion & beauty and restaurant brands.

4A’s: Five Questions for Chris Shirling, Chief Financial Officer of Intouch Group

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Chris Shirling, Chief Financial Officer of Intouch Group   What’s the biggest challenge or opportunity facing the ad industry right now? The biggest opportunity facing the ad industry right now is to differentiate and to demonstrate the value we bring to our clients. At Intouch, for example, we create new ways to use technology to […]