Amplified Intelligence’s CEO Professor Karen Nelson-Field Shares The Future Of Media Measurement

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Read the original article from Cross Screen Media here Professor Karen Nelson-Field, Amplified Intelligence’s Founder and CEO, joins Cross Screen Media CEO Michael Beach to share her expertise on the Attention Economy and its effects on measuring media today. Watch the interview here and read the full transcript below.   Michael Beach: Karen, welcome to […]

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Partnership in 2021: An Inconvenient Truth

Agency Mania Solutions takes a closer look at the effect the coronavirus pandemic continues to have on partnerships between brands, agencies, and the broader marketing supply chain.

CTV App-Ads.txt Trends: Roku

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Pixalate complied research on app-ads.txt trends from Q1-Q4 2020 on apps in the Roku Channel Store.

Evolve Your Impact: Why Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Matter in Marketing

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Join LinkedIn on Friday, February 26th at 10am PT/1pm ET for a panel of pioneering marketers who are creating real change by bringing a purpose-driven mindset to their everyday work.

Preparing for the Post-COVID Travel Boom

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Vladimir Jones provides actions destination marketers can take to win audiences before the oncoming travel boom.

Government Relations and Advocacy: Privacy


The intertwined issues of data privacy and security have never been more at the forefront of debate, both internationally and domestically. With the passage of the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) in Europe and the California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA), it has become increasingly clear that legislators and regulators around the world are beginning to […]

Partnership For Responsible Addressable Media (PRAM)

What Is PRAM? PRAM is a joint-industry initiative to advance and protect critical functionalities like measurement and attribution for digital media and advertising, while safeguarding privacy and improving the consumer experience. With Google’s announcement in January that they would be ending support of third-party cookies in Chrome in two years and Apple’s recent announcement changing […]

Government Relations and Advocacy: Tax


The 4A’s has long been a strong advocate for the preservation of the full federal deductibility of advertising as a necessary business expense. This deductibility has been threatened as recently as 2017 when the Tax Cuts And Jobs Act was being debated. While the 4A’s and our allies were able to successfully preserve that deduction […]

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Turning a Neglected Assignment Brief into a Stellar Pitch Presentation

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4A’s member OpenHuddle provides tips for producing creative briefs that win new business.

Super Bowl LV Spotlight: 4A’s Members Deliver During a Global Pandemic


  Super Bowl LV was not only a highly anticipated game because the country was going to see two of football’s greatest compete for the coveted Lombardi Trophy, but as the first to be played during a global pandemic, America looked to the long awaited game-day ads to help bring some much needed light, laughter, […]