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Overhead and the Truth About Efficiency Metrics

Rick Brook, SVP, Global Client Operations, WPP identifies myths about efficiency metrics–notably the invalid use of overhead as an efficiency metric. Rick suggests a hierarchy of metrics that are appropriate and should be used in compensation discussions. >>>Download presentation: Overhead and the Truth About Efficiency Metrics

A Compensation Alternative—Susan Gianinno |

Susan Gianinno, Chairman & CEO of Publicis suggests an innovative three-tier compensation approach.

Lee Clow: Thoughts on Agency Compensation

Creative icon Lee Clow (Chairman and CCO, TBWA Worldwide) shares his thoughts on agency compensation and the value that agencies provide by building brands.

Summit Overview

Tom Finneran, 4A’s Executive Vice President, discusses the industry’s compensation challenges and reviews the “Agency Compensation: 4A’s Agency Compensation Transformation Doctrine–Strategic Pillars” position paper guidance which serves as a foundation for much of the summit program’s content.

The Compensation Imperative

Industry icons share their thoughts on “How to Get Paid What You Are Worth–Now”

Pricing Continuum |

The “Pricing Continuum” ranges from classic/true cost-plus arrangements at one end of the spectrum to pure value added/results based methodologies at the other end of the spectrum.

The 4A’s Compensation Dialogue Process |

The 4A’s outlines a logical, bi-partisan process for evolving dialogue between marketer and agency that can add credibility to compensation discussions, demystify compensation parameters and restore confidence in working relationships between marketers and their agencies.

New Business Surveys

4A’s/ANA Agency/Advertiser Value Survey In the late spring of 2007, the 4A’s and the Association of National Advertisers conducted parallel surveys designed to assess agency and client attitudes and activities in four areas: How agencies add value to the client’s business How advertisers add value to the agency/client relationship The degree of interest in value-based […]

P&G’s New Agency Compensation/Brand Agency Leader Model |

This webinar—outlining 4A’s tips, tools and tactics—was first presented by P&G in June 2009 and is an overview of the P&G BAL model.

Structuring Win-Win RFPs and Compensation Agreements |

Jones Lundin Beals’ David Beals shares notes and negotiation tips for winning RFPs and compensation agreements in this 4A’s hosted webinar from October 23, 2008.

4A’s Major Compensation Options Analysis |

Developed by Neal Grossman of TBWA\Chiat\Day, a “Major Compensation Options” analysis to be used as a tool for discussing alternative compensation possibilities with clients. The “Grossman Grid” ranks various compensation methods on a range of characteristics (Fairness, Alignment, Value focus, Simplicity, etc.) and then weights the relative importance to yield a weighted score for each […]

Working With Search Consultants

In November, 2007, the 4A’s hosted another Webinar in its “Tools, Tips, and Tactics” series: “Working With Search Consultants, Featuring Mercer Island Group’s Steve Boehler.”

ANA/4A’s Release Compensation Guide |

The complexities inherent in Cost-Plus Fee and Labor-Based compensation arrangements can sometimes result in confusion and misunderstanding. The 4A’s and the ANA offer this downloadable guide to help advertisers and agencies better understand the compensation process

Advertising Agency Overhead |

This position paper addresses the issue of whether to include agency contributions to retirement plans and new business costs when calculating agency overhead. The 4A’s position is that these necessary costs should be included in overhead when calculating agency fees even though some advertisers and agency search consultants disagree.