Ignited supports the SEC’s Investor.gov Public Service Campaign Launch

Washington D.C., April 16, 2018 — The Securities and Exchange Commission today unveiled a public service announcement (PSA) to encourage investors to check the background of their investment professional by using the free search tool on Investor.gov before investing.

Look Ahead: Transparency Will Shape 2018

Research Services

Integral Ad Science surveyed digital ad professionals to learn how the challenges they face will drive change in the digital advertising industry.

Study Shows Ad Fraud Cut by 83 Percent in TAG Certified Distribution Channels

Marketing & Communications

The Trustworthy Accountability Group (TAG), an advertising industry initiative to fight criminal activity in the digital advertising supply chain, today released a study conducted by The 614 Group that found the use of TAG Certified distribution channels for digital advertising reduced the level of fraud by more than 83% from the broader industry average.

The State of Advertising Measurement

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Read this report from Advertiser Perceptions to learn what advertising decision makers think about data, measurement, and research tools.

What Happens Next: How to Reverse the Rising Tide of Ad Fraud

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The&Partnership, m/SIX, and Adloox research the real scale and cost of ad fraud, discovering it’s much more prevalent than previously thought.

News and Information from the Trustworthy Accountability Group

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Today the industry came together to address the massive “Methbot” fraud operation exposed by White Ops, an active TAG participant and one of the inaugural group of companies to receive a TAG Certified Against Fraud Seal last month. (Coverage of the fraud attack and the joint efforts to address it can be found on Reuters, […]

Ad Agencies Probed Over Contracts to Produce Commercials

Third Party Content

Justice Department examines whether ad companies rigged bids to favor in-house production units

Facebook Pledges More Transparency About Video Ads

4A's Member

Facebook launched a new blog on its website called Metrics FYI, where it will share updates and corrections for its data.

4A’s and ANA Join IAB in Launching Cross-Industry Compliance Organization to Combat Ad Fraud, Malware, & Piracy

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The 4A’s, ANA and IAB have announced their plans to create a first-of-its-kind cross-industry accountability program designed to fight ad fraud.

Media Matters | Statement of Best Practices to Address Online Piracy and Counterfeiting

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The ANA and the 4A’s strongly believe that U.S. advertisers must have confidence that their ads are not unintentionally providing financial support to, or otherwise legitimizing, “rogue” Internet sites.

Industry Groups Urge Marketers to Address Online Piracy & Counterfeiting

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The ANA and the 4A’s have released a Statement of Best Practices that encourages all marketers to take affirmative steps to address the serious problems of online piracy and counterfeiting.