April Advertising Law Alert from Frankfurt Kurnit Klein + Selz

April highlights from Frankfurt Kurnit Klein + Selz’s Advertising Law Blog. Topics include cannabis marketing, SAG-AFTRA contract, using competitor trademarks in hashtags, and much more.

Insights from 4A’s Research | Riding the CBD High

CBD is everywhere! Learn about CBD consumer segments, advertising regulations, and best practices in marketing CBD product in this article by Stacie Calabrese, Manager, 4A’s Research.

Defining the Cannabis Sector in Canada by 2025 |

Check out Ernst & Young’s prediction of what the Canadian cannabis market will look like by 2025 in this infographic. Usage, size of the market, pricing, profits, and shift to non-combustible consumption are all covered.

As More States Legalize Marijuana, Advertising and Marketing Regulations Come Into Focus

Davis & Gilbert discuss the latest rules California has set in regulating the advertising, promotion, and marketing of recreational marijuana, and how these rules could impact other states.

What Do U.S. Consumers Think About CBD-infused Products?

With the rising popularity of CBD-infused products, 4A’s Research partnered with Dynata to find out consumers thoughts on and usage of such products. Read the exclusive survey results now!