4A's CX Effect

This monthly webinar series, led by the 4A’s CX Council, provides essential knowledge and practical guidance to help brands and agencies transition into the experience era.  The series brings together the most accomplished and influential leaders in customer experience design to explore the vital role CX plays in the growth of successful and sustainable businesses.


Wednesday, August 12, 2 — 3 p.m. ET

EX to CX – great experience flows from the inside out.

Employee experience design — the definition of roles and processes, the organization structure, and tools provided and specifically a commitment to a supportive environment where all employees can do their best work is fundamental to the ultimate success of the customer experience a company wants to provide. These thought leaders will discuss the current spectrum of employee experiences and organization designs today and how companies can bring design thinking and other frameworks into a human-centered approach that delivers the best outcomes from the inside out.


Amira El-Gawly, Founder + CEO, Manifesta 
Gaurabh Mathure, Co-founder & Chief Product Officer, Tydy
Jehan Moghazy, Vice President, Design. CapitalOne
Kit Krugman, Head of Organization and Culture Design, co:collective





Thursday, September 24, 2 — 3 p.m. ET

The value of CX: why, what and how to measure CX.

How should we measure CX? Experience metrics can be granular task oriented logs or qualitative subjective reports, all the way to an index of every step of the entire journey map’s impact on business goals and outcomes. Joins us for a deep conversation on what matters and how to determine if an organization is fulfilling its mission.


Olof Schybergson, Chief Experience Officer, Accenture Interactive
Harley Manning, Vice President, Research Director, Forrester Research
Chris Finlay, Chief Growth Officer, Otabo







CX + Brand — The Time is Now

July 15, 2020

In this inaugural episode, we’ll dive into key takeaways from Forrester’s recent “CX North America: The Time is Now” event — and how those learnings can be applied to brand building in the experience era. In addition we will present a conversation with marketing leaders on the importance of CX for their brands. We’ll also highlight the newly established 4A’s CX Council, why it was created and what it aims to accomplish.


Jason Gaikowski, Executive Director, CX, and Global Lead of Human-centered Design, VMLY&R
Harley Manning, Vice President, Research Director, Forrester Research
Brian Wagner, Assistant Commissioner of Marketing / Tennessee Department of Tourist Development (TDTD)
Moderator: Beth Wade, Chief Marketing Officer, VMLY&R