Data Privacy and the Ad Industry

What you need to know:

A vast legal and regulatory framework confronts today’s digital advertiser—from 50 different state data breach laws to a spectrum of industry-specific Federal laws that address health, financial and children’s data. Given that the Internet is global, marketers must also be aware of the consumer data protections enforced outside of the U.S.—across Canada, Latin America, Asia and the European Union.

It is essential for ad agencies to ensure that personal data is obtained with consumer awareness and permission and that such data is adequately secured and protected for all advertising uses. If it isn’t then the trust between brand and consumer is violated and the client can become exposed to Federal and state sanctions and possibly, private litigation.

What the 4A’s is doing to support the industry:

The 4A’s shares knowledge and insights on a rapidly developing online advertising marketplace. We work to protect consumer data through best practice frameworks while ensuring that agencies and advertisers are not burdened by heavy-handed legislation that may compromise an innovative, fast-moving Internet.

Where we stand:

4A’s has joined industry partners such as the ANA, IAB and DMA in cautioning against overly assertive restrictions on broadband Internet content proposed by the Federal Communications Commission (FCC). This includes privacy rules the regulator has advanced that go well beyond the reasonable protections already enforced by the Federal Trade Commission (FTC), the traditional consumer protection agency in government.

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