Inside the Campaign: Wunderman Health’s ‘Hello Tomorrow’ for Miracle Ear

The 4A’s is featuring the work being done by its members through the Inside the Campaign series. This is what Wunderman Health had to say about its new work for Miracle Ear, the hearing aid company.

Campaign: “Hello Tomorrow”

Agency: Wunderman Health

Client: Miracle Ear

Campaign Background

Miracle Ear in partnership with its new agency Wunderman Health has launched the new brand positioning, “Hello Tomorrow,” with a TV spot.

Based on data about today’s consumers, their concerns and their motivations, the new campaign breaks with traditional category advertising and repositions hearing aids from a symbol of aging and declining health to a wearable device empowering people and enabling them to reconnect with passions, relationships and life.

The new campaign for Miracle Ear recognizes a cultural shift occurring in the U.S., and it’s taking aim at a stereotype that prevents many baby boomers from experiencing life with full hearing. There are 76 million aging boomers with $3.2 trillion in spending power. This generation—and the marketers who understand its members—are redefining aging. Miracle Ear’s new approach is one example. Research about boomers reveals they are vital and wired, with human connections remaining very important to them, and they refuse to compromise. They are caregivers for their grandchildren, remarrying (e.g. Modern Family), traveling and more. Unlike past advertising campaigns, Miracle Ear’s new approach acknowledges this and changes the dialogue from treating patients and an aging stereotype to celebrating life and looking to the future.

The TV spot shown above is the first piece of a larger campaign rolling out this year from Miracle Ear.

Creative Credits

Production company: Ataboy Studios NYC

Animation Creative Director: Vikkal Parikh

Executive Producer: Diana Mandelare


CCO: Lincoln Bjorkman

ECD: Greg Auer

ACD/AD: Shawn Villera

ACD/CW: Zach Crantz

Producer: Nathalynne McGinnis