A welcome return to boring: adland’s expectations for the Biden administration

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Following four years of whiplash decrees via Twitter, the ad industry is looking forward to more deliberate decision making coming out of the US executive branch beginning January 20. Here, the 4A’s executive vice-president of government relations, Alison Pepper, outlines the three areas likely to be most impacted.


’Boring’ may be a strong word, but we’re definitely in for a course correction versus what we’ve seen over the past few years. The last four years have been virtually unprecedented: whiplash decision making via Twitter, federal regulatory agency heads with sometimes tenuous credentials and acrimonious congressional hearings more reminiscent of a mixed martial arts cage match than any semblance of deliberative policy making.

While the issues that the advertising industry will face in the coming year and beyond are weighty and will be divisive at both the executive and the congressional level, it’s likely that we’ll at least see the return of a more traditional policy making process that has long defined DC. There are a multitude of issues facing our industry, but here are three of the most prominent areas of importance that a new Biden administration is likely to influence…

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