Evolve Your Impact: Why Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Matter in Marketing

The unique and powerful role marketing plays in advancing racial and social equity has never been more important. And urgent. In the next chapter of our Evolve By LinkedIn series, we’ll explore how marketers can spark, sustain, and incorporate diversity, equity, and inclusion in their marketing plans and strategies.

Join LinkedIn on Friday, February 26th at 10am PT/1pm ET for Evolve Your Impact: Why Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Matter in Marketing. Their first event of the season will feature a panel of pioneering marketers who are creating real change by bringing a purpose-driven mindset to their everyday work. You’ll leave this session with:

  • Key insights shaping marketing’s expanding role in diversity, equity and inclusion initiatives
  • Strategies to bring a purpose-driven mindset to your work every day
  • Techniques to authentically talk about your brand’s commitment to social and racial equity
  • Concrete actions to make real change at the intersection of marketing and equity.

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