Data Privacy and the Ad Industry

What you need to know:

A vast legal and regulatory framework confronts today’s digital advertiser—from 50 different state data breach laws to a spectrum of industry-specific Federal laws that address health, financial and children’s data. Given that the Internet is global, marketers must also be aware of the consumer data protections enforced outside of the U.S.—across Canada, Latin America, Asia and the European Union.

It is essential for ad agencies to ensure that personal data is obtained with consumer awareness and permission and that such data is adequately secured and protected for all advertising uses. If it isn’t then the trust between brand and consumer is violated and the client can become exposed to Federal and state sanctions and possibly, private litigation.

What the 4A’s is doing to support the industry:

The 4A’s shares knowledge and insights on a rapidly developing online advertising marketplace. We work to protect consumer data through best practice frameworks while ensuring that agencies and advertisers are not burdened by heavy-handed legislation that may compromise an innovative, fast-moving Internet.

Where we stand:

4A’s has joined industry partners such as the ANA, IAB and DMA in cautioning against overly assertive restrictions on broadband Internet content proposed by the Federal Communications Commission (FCC). This includes privacy rules the regulator has advanced that go well beyond the reasonable protections already enforced by the Federal Trade Commission (FTC), the traditional consumer protection agency in government.

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Video Seminar: GDPR Town Hall

 We encourage you to download the following presentations and follow along with the discussions. Slide numbers have been provided for your reference in the above Table of Contents.

Leveraging GDPR to Become a Trusted Data Steward

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BCG looks into how European companies can go beyond GDPR compliance and gain a valuable advantage by aligning their policies with consumer wishes. Learn how consumers feel regarding privacy by data type, industry and country, age group insights, and more.

What Agencies Should Know About the GDPR

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The European Association of Communications Agencies provides a list of procedures that ad agencies can follow to become compliant and to minimize risks with GDPR.

FCC Votes to Scale Down Net Neutrality Rules

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Republican commissioners push through measure which Democrats, activists say could harm online competition

Senate Kills Off FCC Privacy Regulations

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The US Senate on Thursday voted down Federal Communications Commission (FCC) regulations that would have required internet service providers to get users to consent to be targeted by advertisers.

Ad Groups Back Repeal of Near-Dead FCC Privacy Rules

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Six ad industry trade groups back recent congressional resolutions aimed at repealing the FCC rules.

Ad Industry Asks Congress To Overturn Broadband Privacy Rules

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Twenty-one organizations are urging Congress to scrap new privacy regulations that limit broadband providers’ ability to use data about their customers’ Web-surfing behavior to send them targeted ads.

New FTC Chair Has Warned Against Stricter Privacy Rules

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President Donald Trump has named Republican Maureen Ohlhausen as acting chairman of the Federal Trade Commission.

Ad Groups Petition Consumer Internet Privacy Rules, Call Opt-In Requirement ‘Onerous’

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Major U.S. ad trade associations, including the 4A’s, have jointly submitted a petition to the Federal Communications Commission (FCC).

After Trump’s Win, Security Groups and Marketers Are Anxious About Digital Privacy

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When Trump becomes president on Jan. 20, there is widespread belief that the federal government will attempt to gain unprecedented access to everyone’s data.

Advertisers Slam the FCC’s New Privacy Rules

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The 3-2 vote requires providers obtain consumers’ consent before sharing and using their web browsing and app history data for ad targeting and marketing.