Video Benchmarks

Extreme Reach provides a comprehensive report on the latest performance metrics for video ads.

The Infinite Dial |

Edison Research reveals results of its annual survey of America’s digital media habits.

Digital Media Trends Survey

Deloitte provides a snapshot into the media consumption of U.S. consumers by generation. How Americans are engaging with media during the pandemic is included.

Twitter Rolls Out Simplified Advertising Product Suite

Twitter announced on Wednesday, April 7, a rebrand of their advertising product suite in order to simplify and create clarity around Twitter’s ad product offerings. The rebrand is based on feedback from advertisers who wanted to see clearer, more straightforward language. Twitter has recategorized and rebranded their entire ad suite, going from 22+ individual ad format […]

Taking Stock with Teens |

Piper Sandler releases its semi-annual report featuring teen shopping behaviors, spending patterns, and favorite brands in a variety of industries.

Social Media Use |

Pew Research Center’s biennial survey provides insights into social media usage and adoption.

Theatrical Home Entertainment Market Environment (THEME) Report

The MPAA shares international and U.S./Canada theatrical and home/mobile entertainment revenue, top films and shows, viewer demographics, and more in its annual report.

2021 Tech Trends Report

The Future Today Institute forecasts emerging technology trends that will influence the advertising, public relation, media, and journalism industries in the year ahead.

Twitter Announces Conversation Settings for Ads

Twitter is making it easier for brands to control conversations they start on the platform by introducing conversation settings for ads.

11 Email Design Trends That Will Reign Supreme in 2021

According to Uplers Email, top 2021 email design trends include bold typography, emotional design, textured illustration, and much more.

Email Marketing Trends for 2021

Oracle outlines the ABC’s of email marketing trends in this article series. 2021 trends are broken into three sections competitive differentiators, proven essentials, and unproven opportunities.

The Conversation: Twitter Trends

Twitter examined the conversations happening on its platform to gain fresh understanding of evolving cultural trends and attitudes that are shaping our future.