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4A’s Guidance | Agency Opportunity Screening Criteria

Agencies can dramatically increase new business performance by learning to be more selective in the pursuit of client opportunities. The 4A’s new business committee has developed guidance “4A’s Opportunity Screening Criteria.”

2013 O’Toole Award Winners Announced at 4A’s Transformation

Marketing & Communications

Winners of the 2013 4A’s O’Toole Awards for Creative and Media Excellence were announced at the association’s annual conference, Transformation 2013: The Idea Effect at the New Orleans Hyatt Regency.

Right to Work States — Union Security / Preference of Employment (SAG TV, AFTRA TV, AFTRA Radio Commercials Contracts)

Production Services

On February 1, 2012, the state of Indiana signed into law legislation that makes Indiana the twenty-third state to have “Right to Work” laws on the books.

Results of 4A’s 2011 Television Production Cost Survey

The Executive Summary of the 4A’s 2011 Television Production Cost Survey (TVPCS) represents the results of the 25th year of a continuing project.

4A’s "Agency Best Practices: Project-Based Assignments" Guidance

Management Services

To assist 4A’s members in addressing the many aspects involved in assessing and structuring project assignments, an “Agency Best Practices: Project-Based Assignments” guidance and discussion Wiki workspace has been created.

Update on Right-to-Work States Regarding SAG TV, AFTRA TV, AFTRA Radio Commercials Contracts

Production Services

This bulletin regarding the employment of union performers in Right-to-Work states is provided for SAG and AFTRA JPC Authorizers and Direct Signatories to the SAG and AFTRA Commercials Contracts.

4A’s Calls for 2013 O’Toole Awards

Marketing & Communications

The 4A’s announced today that for the first time since establishing the O’Toole Awards in 1998, it is accepting submissions for media planning and buying excellence.

4A’s Transformation Conference Tackles Challenges of Changing Industry

Marketing & Communications

The 4A’s drew upwards of 1,300 advertising and entertainment industry professionals to a two-day conference at the Beverly Hilton that was dedicated to tackling the key challenges of a changing industry-privacy, talent and the impact of technology.

4A’s Board of Directors Announces Unanimous Support to Make Ad-ID the Industry Standard

Marketing & Communications

The marketing-media ecosystem moved a step closer to a single, seamless asset identification process with the 4A’s Board of Directors announcing its unanimous support to make Ad-ID the industry standard by January 1, 2014.

JPC-SAG-AFTRA Clearinghouse Initiative

Production Services

Update from JPC counsels regarding GRP-based residual system as an alternative to the current residual payment model under the SAG Television and AFTRA Television Commercials Contracts.

Second Day Highlights at 4A’s 2012 CreateTech Conference in Santa Monica

Marketing & Communications

The 4A’s second annual CreateTech Conference, which promised a “vision of the possible” did not disappoint. Nearly 200 people from around the country attended the two-day conference.

4A’s Second Annual CreateTech Conference Gets Underway in Santa Monica

Marketing & Communications

Technologists from the ad/marketing industry gathered for the first day of the 4A’s second annual CreateTech Conference, during which they were given a glimpse of “the possible” in consumer engagement.